Lady of Leningrad

Frozen river in St Petersburg Russia in winterThis weekend I found myself in St. Petersburg, or as some of the locals still call it, Leningrad. Having taken my share of Russian history classes in college, I was excited to see the city founded by one of Russia’s great europhile tsars, Peter the Great. I was in Moscow a few years ago, but I knew that St. Petersburg was really the cultural capital of Russia, with its beautiful architecture, great museums, and of course the Kirov ballet.


Lady of Pay As You Go

My new life motto: Pay As You Go

I have spent a lot of time living and working overseas. I never realized before that all of my prior experiences abroad were short-term jaunts that never required me to put down roots. I floated over to Nice and Prague to study and play, gallivanted through Paris and Brussels for fun summer internships, and went on exciting vacations that never caused any more pain than a few “foreign fee” charges on my credit card or bank statement.


Lady of the Wedding

Wedding in La JollaMy brother got married on Saturday! I may be a bit biased, but it was the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to. The ceremony was beautiful and I’ve never seen two people more in love than my brother and his wife. I even saw my brother cry for the first time ever! I couldn’t stop smiling, and it was so great to see how happy they were.


Lady Has A Place to Live!

We got a flat today! It’s one of the ones I looked at yesterday in Hampstead. I took my boyfriend back this afternoon and he liked it so we put an offer on it and the landlady accepted. It’s so nice to have that process finished, and I feel very fortunate that it only took a few days.

Flat in Hampstead London