Lady in Anticipation

I got an email today from the HSMP people. They said that a decision has been made on my application and that they posted it in the mail last week. It should arrive any day.

They couldn’t tell me whether or not I had been approved, but I’m cautiously optimistic that everything is going to turn out for the best. I can’t believe it only took a week for them to turn it around!

Lady of the Book Sale

Last summer in the Singapore Airport:

Me: Would you call me bookish?

My Boyfriend: I believe I already have called you bookish.

Me: Laughter. Oh. Right.

My Boyfriend: Even though I believe that you would rather be in the company of books than in the company of people, I still think you have decent social skills.

Me: More laughter. Thanks. [I guess…]

Today I went to a huge book sale at Fort Mason in San Francisco. I went there expecting to be enraptured by all of the books. Instead I found that I was more interested in the people. A true lover of people watching, this place was a visual feast for me.


Lady of Language

Today I found a great website for teaching Americans how to speak British English. I knew there were some words they use that we don’t use and vice versa, but I had no idea how many there were!


Lady in Waiting

Today I finally got to send in my HSMP application for my UK visa! I’m so glad to finally have it out of my hands and in the mail.

I was held up for a few extra days when the awful translation company I was working with (see earlier post) sent me a finalized copy of my diploma translation in the mail and there were STILL grammatical errors (who knew that the “year of our Lord” could double as the “year or our Lord”?). I was pretty upset.