Today I want to share my guide to the best London night walks with you. The UK capital is an exciting place to explore on foot after dark, and these self-guided evening walks in London will help you find the best places to discover. From areas with bright lights and great nightlife to riverside walks and cool neighborhoods, my free walks in London will help you see the best of the city at night. I’ve included a map, too.

London Night Walks

London Night Walks

From Soho to Covent Garden, the South Bank to Shoreditch, my London night walks cover neighborhoods from north to south and east to west.

Whether you like to be in the heart of the West End or along the Thames, there’s a self-guided evening walk in London for you.

From twinkling lights to famous shopping streets, waterfront areas to hipster neighborhoods, these night walks in London will take you to some of my favorite places in the UK capital after the sun goes down.

Harrods at night in London

No matter if you’re looking for something to do after dinner or you have a free evening and you want to get out and explore the city, these walks are great ways to see the best of the UK capital at the end of the day.

You can see lots more walks in the book London’s Hidden Walks, too. You can get it here. It’s just the thing if you love exploring the city. There are additional ideas in my London walking books post as well.

If you’re interested in other A Lady in London walks, my blog post about self-guided London walking tours has all the ones I’ve published in one place. You can use it to find your favorites.

If you want a guided tour, there are popular night walks all over the city. From the famous Jack the Ripper tour to ghost walks, evening Harry Potter tours, and food tours in the West End, they’re great ways to see the sights with an experienced guide. You can see options and book one here.

Piccadilly Circus tube station sign in London at night

1. Walk in Soho

The first of my London night walks is one in Soho. Right in the heart of London’s West End, Soho is home to some of the city’s best nightlife, restaurants, theaters, and bars.

From Carnaby Street to Greek Street and Leicester Square, this central London walk will take you through the vibrant roads and lanes in Soho. It’s just the thing if you want to get to know the area beyond the main sights and attractions.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink along the way, too. Whether you’re on a solo trip to London or you want to turn the walk into a pub crawl or an evening out with friends, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy it.

If you’re up for doing this fun London walk, you can see the route, map, photos, and video on my Soho walk blog post.

Soho, London at night

2. Harry Potter Walking Tour

Next on my list of London night walks is my self-guided Harry Potter tour. This one will take you to some of the most famous places in the city and let you see sites that featured in the books and movies.

From Westminster to Trafalgar Square, Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross station, and St Paul’s Cathedral, this one will show you the best Harry Potter sites and the city’s most iconic landmarks at the same time.

It’s a fun London walk to do at night because the atmosphere in places like Leadenhall Market is particularly magical in the evenings. You’ll really feel like you’re in the wizarding world after dark on this walk. You can also see the Harry Potter play en route.

If you’re interested, you can find the directions, map, photos, and video for this one on my blog post about a Harry Potter walking tour.

Harry Potter Theater, London

3. Walk in Covent Garden

Another of my favorite London night walks is in Covent Garden. One of the most colorful central London areas, this part of the city is famous for its covered piazza, markets, shops, and restaurants.

From Seven Dials to Neal’s Yard, this self-guided central London night walk will take you through Covent Garden’s vibrant streets and squares. It’s ideal if you want to immerse yourself in one of the city’s most bustling areas in the evening.

There’s a lot to see along the way, too. The famous Covent Garden Piazza is full of life, and there’s always a street performer or art installation to take in.

The restaurants, pubs, and bars are some of the best in the city, too, so it’s easy to spend a whole night doing this walk.

If this one appeals to you, you can see the route, map, photos, and video on my Covent Garden walking tour blog post.

Street with lights in Covent Garden at night

4. Walk in Shoreditch

The next of my London night walks is in Shoreditch. This east London neighborhood is one of the coolest parts of the city, and it’s full of everything from hip restaurants and bars to colorful street art.

My walk will take you past vibrant murals, down historic side streets, and alongside trendy bars and restaurants. It’s perfect if you like street art and history and you want to explore one of the coolest London neighborhoods.

This one is great to do at night because there are so many hip restaurants and bars in Shoreditch and neighboring Hackney. From Hoxton Square to Rivington Street, you can make a great night out of this walk.

If you’re interested in this one, you can take a look at my blog post about a Shoreditch walking tour for the route, photos, video, and map.

Shoreditch street at sunset

5. Walk in Spitalfields

Another of my top picks for London night walks is in Spitalfields. This neighborhood is one of the East End’s most exciting areas, and there are great restaurants and nightlife here.

From the famous Brick Lane to Old Spitalfields Market, this east London walk goes through the area’s best streets and local landmarks.

Whether you love buzzing market stalls or walking past hip restaurants, bars, and pubs (and stopping at one or two, of course), you’ll find a lot to love about doing this walk at night.

No matter if you’re looking for things to do alone in London or you want to make a night out of this walk with friends, you have a lot of options.

If you’re interested in taking this one, you can find the detailed route, map, photos, and video on my blog post about a Spitalfields walking tour.

Old Spitalfields Market in London at night

6. Walk on the South Bank

Next on my list of London night walks is on the South Bank. This one is great if you want to see some of the most iconic places along the river in the heart of the city. It’s one of the best walks along the Thames in London.

From Westminster Bridge to the London Eye, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Borough Market, this walk will take you past some of the top landmarks on the water.

It’s a great one to do at night, as the South Bank lights up in the evening. There are often pop-ups, festivals, street performers, and markets at night, so you can take your time and take in the scene.

If this one appeals, you can see the full route and map on my blog post about the best walks in London.

Southbank Centre Book Market in London at Sunset

7. Walk in London Bridge

Another of my favorite London night walks is one in the area around London Bridge. This part of the city is for you if you enjoy history, food, and riverside scenery in equal measure.

From Borough to Bermondsey, More London to Southwark, this south London walk will show you the highlights of this part of the UK capital.

This walk is great to do at night because you get to see icons like Tower Bridge and City Hall lit up in the evening. You can also enjoy the nightlife in places like Flat Iron Square and Bermondsey Street, where great pubs and restaurants abound.

This is also one of my favorite Christmas walks in London, as the annual Christmas market by the river brings the area to life with festive cheer and decorations.

If you’re up for doing this, you can find the route, map, phoots, and video on my London Bridge walk blog post.

London City Hall Christmas Market

Map of London Night Walks

As promised at the beginning of this post, I created an interactive map of all the walks I’ve included in my list. You can see it here. If you click on the pins, you’ll find my blog posts about each one. It will help you discover the routes that work best for you.

If you want to see all my free self-guided walks in one place, my London walking map can help.

Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, London

Best Night Walks in London

I hope my list of evening walks has made you want to get outside and discover the best of London at night. Whether you’re alone, with a friend, or part of a group, these routes will help you explore some of my favorite places in the UK capital. Happy walking!

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London Night Walks

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