Today I want to bring you my self-guided London Bridge walk. The area around London Bridge is a great place to explore, and walking here is an ideal way to get to know the high street, side streets, markets, and more. There’s a map to go with the walking route, too.

London Bridge Walk

London Bridge Walk

Located right on the South Bank of the River Thames, London Bridge is home to famous places like Borough Market and under-the-radar alleys and lanes.

The area is worth a wander for its riverfront scenery, old London streets, restaurants and cafes, independent shops, museums, art galleries, and stunning historic and contemporary architecture.

My favorite places in and around London Bridge are the markets. From Borough Market to Flat Iron Square, Maltby Street Market to Vinegar Yard, there are a lot of great ones in the area. You’ll get a chance to discover them all on my walk.

As always, make sure to check opening hours before you go to ensure you’ll be there when things are lively. Saturdays are usually good days to do this walk, as everything should be open.

Borough Market

Walk in London Bridge

My self-guided London Bridge walk will show you around this London neighborhood from the busy thoroughfares to the secret streets. While you go, you’ll take in everything from The Shard to City Hall and Tower Bridge.

London Bridge has no shortage of restaurants, pubs, cafes, and markets, so you can easily stop for a meal, snack, or drink while you walk if you feel like it.

If you want a longer walk, you can combine this route with my London walk on the South Bank, which ends near where this walk begins.

Vinegar Yard Market, London

Self-Guided London Bridge Walk

This loveliest of London walks starts at London Bridge station. You can arrive by tube, train, bus, or on foot from other parts of London and beyond.

Exit the station onto Tooley Street and turn left to walk west towards London Bridge and Borough Market. Follow Tooley Street as it becomes Duke Street Hill.

When you reach the big intersection at Borough High Street, turn right and walk up to London Bridge.

You can walk across the bridge if you want to, or continue your London Bridge walk by turning around and walking south down Borough High Street.

London Bridge

As you walk down Borough High Street, you’ll see Southwark Cathedral on your right. It’s one of the area’s most famous historic churches.

Right after you pass it, head down the narrow steps to your right that lead into Green Dragon Court and Borough Market.

Spend as much or as little time as you want exploring Borough Market (make sure to check opening hours before you take this walk if you want to go when it’s open).

Borough Market Coffee Stand

When you’re done, continue your London Bridge walk by exiting Borough Market where Stoney Street meets Southwark Street. Turn left, then take a quick right on Borough High Street.

If you walk on the east side of the street, you can peer into historic courtyards like the one hiding the George Inn. This National Trust London property is a stunning historic coaching inn and a great place to stop for a drink.

When you reach Union Street, turn right and walk down until you reach the entrance to Flat Iron Square (it’s just before Southwark Bridge Road). This street food market is a great place to get a snack, meal, or drink.

Flat Iron Square, London

When you’re done eating or exploring, exit Flat Iron Square on Southwark Street and turn right to walk back towards London Bridge station. When you reach Borough High Street, turn left, then take a quick right on St Thomas Street.

You’ll pass by The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, which is full of medical history, before reaching The Shard. One of London’s most famous skyscrapers, it offers great views from the top.

View from the Shard in London

You can head up to take them in, or keep following your London Bridge walk route by continuing down St Thomas Street.

You’ll soon come to Vinegar Yard, a market full of vintage stalls and food vendors. You can stop here for a browse or drink, or continue down St Thomas Street to Bermondsey Street.

Vinegar Yard, London

When you reach Bermondsey Street, turn right. This long road is packed with restaurants, cafes, shops, and pubs. It’s a great place to wander and soak up the local scene.

You’ll find everything from the Fashion and Textile Museum to the White Cube contemporary art gallery here, and there are parks like Tanner Street Park to relax in if you need a rest.

Walk down Bermondsey Street to the intersection with Abbey Street, then retrace your steps north until you get to Tanner Street.

Bermondsey Street, London

Turn right on Tanner Street and walk east until you reach Maltby Street (you can go through Tanner Street Park if you want to). Turn right, then veer left onto Ropewalk, where you’ll find yourself in the heart of Maltby Street Market.

This local food market is situated under historic railway arches and is a unique place to visit. It’s a fun spot to stop for a snack, meal, or drink at one of the restaurants or stalls.

Maltby Street Market in London

When you’re done exploring Maltby Street Market, continue your self-guided London Bridge walk by heading back to Tanner Street and turning right.

Walk under the overpass and continue on Tanner Street until you reach Shad Thames. Turn left and walk north towards the Thames, taking in the historic wharf buildings as you go.

When Shad Thames meets Maguire Street, turn right to walk out to the river. When you get there, turn left to continue your walk along the Thames.

You’ll pass by lots of cafes and restaurants here, and there will be great views of Tower Bridge as you go.

Tower Bridge, London

Eventually you’ll go through a tunnel and find yourself back on Shad Thames, where you can take a right to walk west towards Tower Bridge.

When you reach the bridge, you can walk across it, visit the museum, or just admire it from where you are and continue on your London Bridge walk.

Tower Bridge, London

Whatever you choose, the walking route continues along the Thames in the More London area.

You’ll find yourself in front of City Hall, which features striking contemporary architecture. You’ll also see the HMS Belfast ship, which you can tour.

Continue along the river, then take a left to go into Hay’s Galleria, a covered shopping arcade with a striking sculpture in the middle. Walk all the way through Hay’s Galleria to the exit on Tooley Street.

Hay's Galleria, London

When you get there, you’ll find yourself back at London Bridge station, where your self-guided London Bridge walk ends. You can pick up the tube, a train, or a local bus here, or spend some more time exploring the area.

Street by London Bridge

London Bridge Walk Details

Time: 1.5 – 4 hours (depending on time in the cafes, shops, pubs, museums, and markets)

Map of the first half of the walk:

Map of the second half of the walk:

Further afield: City of London, South Bank, St Katharine Docks

I’ve written many more self-guided London walks, and you can see them all in my London walking tours blog post. There are additional walks to be discovered in the book London’s Hidden Walks, too. You can get a copy here.

Happy walking!

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London Bridge Walk

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