It’s time for another London itinerary. My London travel guide series has been a popular one, and today I want to continue the tradition. I’ve shared my ideas for how to spend anywhere from one to six days in London, and now I want to share my 1-week London itinerary with you.

1-Week London Itinerary

1-Week London Itinerary

You can do a lot with a full week in this city. Whether you stay here the whole time or spend a day or more further afield, there’s no shortage of things that can keep you entertained. I suggest starting with my 6-day itinerary and spending your final day exploring some secret London spots.

Historic Building in London

Secret London

I’ve written about some of my favorite secret places in London, and it’s easy to spend a day discovering one or more of them. Whether you head north to take in the Pergola Garden and South End Green or west to marvel at quirky Eel Pie Island, there’s a lot you can uncover in a day.

Pergola Garden, London

Alternatively, you can focus on exploring one of London’s under-the-radar neighborhoods. I’ve written about 11 of them, and each one has enough to do to fill a day and let you live like a local in London. From the great markets in Dulwich to the colorful doors in Ladbroke Grove, theses areas are worth venturing out to see.

Hampstead, London

If you love food, east London has no shortage of pop-up restaurants and tucked-away cafes that come and go with the seasons. It’s easy to spend a day indulging in some of the lesser known spots, and worth exploring the ever-improving culinary scene in the city.

London Restaurant

The same goes for London’s shops. While there’s lots of shopping on Oxford Street, some of London’s most beloved retail outlets are independent boutiques filled with creative designs by local makers. From Hackney to Homerton, Brixton to Balham, there’s a lot to find in these places.

Shop in Shoreditch

If your passion lies in discovering London’s past, there’s no shortage of hidden places to explore. I’ve written about my favorite London architecture from the 11th century through the 21st, and some of the buildings on the list are secreted away in plain sight.

Cyclist in London

If you want to explore more places like the ones in this section, Secret London – An Unusual Guide will help you find them. You can get it here.

More London

But maybe you haven’t seen enough of the rest of London yet. My previous itineraries have included a lot of options, so if there’s something you haven’t covered, you can always spend your last day doing it. Whether it’s exploring some of the city’s smaller museums or taking a walk through the parks or mews, there are a lot of ways to spend your time.

South Kensington Mews

Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with the areas outside of London. You could easily dedicate your last day to taking another day trip from London or your last two days to going on an overnight getaway to the Cotswolds or another part of Britain.

Castle Combe

The good news is that there’s no right or wrong way to craft your 1-week London itinerary. Pick what appeals to you most, and leave the rest for a future trip. Because after you’ve spent 7 days here I’m sure you’ll want to come back for more.

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1-Week London Itinerary

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