A few months ago I wrote about how to spend 1 day in London. And because some people spend more than 24 hours in the UK capital, I thought it would be a good idea to write another blog post to share ideas for a longer trip with you. As such, today I bring you A Lady in London’s itinerary for 2 days in London.

2 Days in London Itinerary

2 Days in London

Spending 48 hours in London will allow you to get a feel for the city’s highlights. I recommend starting with my 1-day itinerary and adding the following to it.

South Kensington, London

Morning in London

After coffee or breakfast in Bloomsbury or Fitzrovia, I like heading to the British Museum. It’s a treasure trove of wonders from all over the world, and it’s great to visit in the morning when the crowds are scarce.

British Museum

The museum is big enough to take up an entire day, so I always make sure to budget my time (the Egyptian rooms and Rosetta Stone are musts for first-time visitors). When I’m done soaking up the collection, I head into the stunning Great Court for a light lunch in the restaurant.

British Museum, London

Afternoon in London

After lunch I hop on the tube at Holborn and take the Piccadilly Line to South Kensington. There are three museums worth exploring, and I usually choose one.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I love the Natural History Museum for its beautiful architecture, the V&A for its world-class art and design (and its amazing cafe), and the Science Museum for its stimulating exhibits.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

After exploring a museum, I walk up to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. The formal garden by Kensington Palace is one of my favorite places in the world, and with 2 days in London strolling through its vine arches is a must. Hyde Park’s Serpentine lake is always fun to wander around, and I love watching the paddle boats go by.

Kensington Gardens, London

When I reach Hyde Park Corner, I’m ready to rest my feet. And there’s no better way to do it than by indulging in afternoon tea. There are lots of good offerings in the area, so it’s never hard to find a place.

Afternoon Tea in London

Evening in London

As night approaches, I head to the West End to catch a show. London’s theater scene is legendary, and whether I’m queuing up for a musical or settling in for a drama there’s always something to see.


After the show my stomach is ready for dinner, so I take advantage of the late opening hours of many of Soho‘s restaurants. If I’m in the mood for nightlife later on, there’s no shortage of good bars in the area. If not, it’s off to bed after another great day in London.

If you want additional ideas, there’s a lot more about things to do in the city in Lonely Planet London. You can get it here.

What about you? How would you spend 2 days in London?

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2 Days in London Itinerary

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  1. Could you recommend any specific places for high tea? I know that there are many different themed teas as well the more traditional ones.

    Thank you

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