I have a confession to make. I’ve been starting work later than I used to. Not because I’m sleeping in or slacking off, though. It’s because I’ve been on a bit of a morning mission. I would love to say I wake up early to go to the gym, but that would be a lie (and I wouldn’t do that to you!). The real reason might appeal more: I’ve been making my way around the city to find the best weekday breakfast in London. Here’s what getting an early start has shown me…

Best Weekday Breakfast in London

Best Weekday Breakfast in London

I’ve been surprised by how many London restaurants serve weekday breakfast. I thought a quick coffee and croissant was all I’d find outside of hotels and a few select places around the city. But breakfast is a big business here, and there are 7 places in the UK capital that do it particularly well.

Weekday Breakfast in London

International Weekday Breakfast in London

I travel a lot, and even when I’m home in London I like to experience the international side of the city. One of the best places to do it is at Lantana, an Australian cafe in Fitzrovia that not only serves some of the best coffee in London, but also creative breakfast dishes that transport me to a land Down Under.

Breakfast at Lantana, London

When I’m feeling adventurous, I head to Koya in Soho for their traditional Japanese breakfast. Grilled fish with pickled vegetables is about as far from the Full English as breakfasts can be, which makes me appreciate London’s culinary diversity all the more.

Breakfast at Koya, London

Leisurely Weekday Breakfast in London

For a cheerful breakfast before a day of work, sightseeing, or anything else, Bill’s is my go-to. That’s not only because there’s a Bill’s in seemingly every London neighborhood now, but also because the restaurants are warm, welcoming, and offer a good mix of breakfast staples and fun atmosphere.

Breakfast at Bill's, London

The Ivy Cafe Marylebone
In pretty little Marylebone, the Ivy Cafe is my cozy place to enjoy a traditional English breakfast experience. Everything from the Full English to the Full Vegetarian graces the menu, and the juices feel healthy and colorful. The tiled floor and mirrored walls lend a whimsical air to the ambiance, too.

The Ivy Cafe Marylebone

Hangover Weekday Breakfast in London

Fernandez & Wells
We’ve all been there. When I wake up with an unpleasant feeling in my head and an unquenchable need for water in my throat, I make my way to Fernandez & Wells in South Kensington. Their egg dishes come complete with spicy chorizo, piquant peppers, and other moreish foods that fill my stomach and ease my uneasiness. Hangover cured.

Breakfast at Fernandez and Wells, London

Business Weekday Breakfast in London

Back home in the States we have an expression for weekday morning business meals: power breakfasts. I haven’t heard the term used in London, but I’ve certainly witnessed a lot of them. One place I always see power breakfasts is at Villandry in St James’s. While I tuck into eggs and avocado wearing jeans and a comfy top, dark suits close business deals at tables all around me.

Breakfast at Villandry, London

The Wolseley
But perhaps the most famous place for weekday breakfast in London—power and otherwise—is The Wolseley. With its cool art deco interior and grand cafe feel, it’s one of the most popular restaurants for breakfast in the city. Which is why I keep going back for the eggs Benedict.

Breakfast at The Wolseley, London

Do you have a favorite restaurant in London for weekday breakfast? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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Best Weekday Breakfast in London

18 Comments on Lady’s 7 Restaurants You Have to Try for Weekday Breakfast in London

  1. A million times yes! I always skip my hotel breakfast in favor of trekking somewhere for a really special dish. Once I got up at 6 am to leave my hotel in Westminster for a breakfast in Hampstead, only to be back for meetings in Millbank by 11am!
    Last week I really enjoyed Turkish eggs at Kopapa in Covent Garden.

  2. My family and I had a great breakfast at the Sky Garden in December and had a great time. A window seat overlooking the Thames. Was a bit pricey, but something we’ll never forget. Oh, and the food was delicious!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful list, perfect for my next jaunt to London.
    Breakfast is my favorite meal out, and my top finds in London (as a visitor) are: Daisy Green Portman Village (owners are from my home town of Melbourne, Australia), Providores on Marylebone High Street (Oz/NZ – This is really my top pick – they serve vegemite!!), and Daylesford, Marylebone. Can’t wait to get back to London to explore some new breakfast/brunch spots 🙂

  4. Great list! I had brunch at the Ivy Cafe a couple of months ago — it’s such a cute place. And I love Lantana and Fernandez & Wells too. Can’t wait to try the other places next.

  5. Fernandez & Wells is the best place I’ve ever been to! Thanks so much for indicating it! I love the food and the atmosphere. When I’m in London on my personal issues (have to care about my cousin), I always visit this place. Being a Richmond CA citizen, you can imagine how poor the restaurants and cafes choice may be. I’m really glad to find Fernandez & Wells on the list, because it’s for sure worth speaking about.
    Samantha (sweet-tooth, ice-cream lover and irrepressible writer)

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