I love a good cup of coffee. I’m no aficionado, but I still like to indulge in a rich roast. So even though I don’t know my Ethiopian from my Ecuadorian, I want to pay homage to the bean in my own way: bringing you 16 of what I consider the best coffee shops in London—or rather, my 16 favorites.

Best Coffee Shops in London

Best Coffee Shops in London

A huge number of independent coffee shops have opened in London in the last few years, mostly owing to the global trendiness of coffee. It has amazed me to see the change since I first moved to London, and delighted me to discover so many sweet, fun cafes to try. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a good espresso or indulgent cappuccino, these places are musts.

Tomtom Coffee House, London

Best Coffee Shops in London for Pretty Coffees

Ground Control
When friends first took me to Ground Control on Amwell Street in Clerkenwell, I couldn’t get over how cool the coffee art was. I still go out of my way to go there just to see what they’ll draw into my next latte.

Ground Control, London

Farm Girl
Less known for coffee art than just amazingly beautiful coffee, Farm Girl in Notting Hill has a rose latte that comes drizzled with crushed rose petals. I’ve rarely found a coffee that’s too pretty to drink, but this one certainly is.

Farm Girl Coffee, London

Best Secret Coffee Shops in London

Algerian Coffee Stores
I walked by Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho a million times before I learned what was inside. The bright red shopfront was so picturesque that I took a picture of it for my Instagram feed one day. So many people commented that they loved the coffee there that I went straight back the next morning and took a look. I felt like I was stepping back in time, what with the historic feel of the place and walls lined with coffee products. It’s a great secret spot in London.

Algerian Coffee Stores, London

Tasting Room at Square Mile Coffee
Another of the best coffee shops in London is also hidden away. Out east in Bethnal Green, Square Mile’s private tasting room is open by invitation only. But if you can snag an invite it’s a beautiful room with a giant map of the world on the wall and espresso machines lining the counters. It’s also next to their factory, which is fun to tour.

Tasting Room at Square Mile Coffee, London

Best I-Went-for-the-Name Coffee Shops in London

Look Mum No Hands!
Every time I walk from Clerkenwell to Shoreditch, Look Mum No Hands puts a smile on my face. Part bike shop, part coffee shop, it has one of the best names in London. I also love the outdoor area for sunny days.

Look Mum No Hands, London

Coffee Geek and Friends
When I first walked by Coffee Geek and Friends in Victoria I smiled. But when I discovered that they put nerdy glasses on their cappuccinos, I laughed out loud. Now I go back regularly, partly for the coffee, partly for the coffee art.

Coffee Geek and Friends, London

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is another place with a great name and good coffee. With locations in Soho, Clerkenwell, and other parts of the city, this rather bureaucratic-sounding chain is one branch of government I don’t mind taking over London. If only I could pay my taxes to them, too!

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, London

Best Coffee Shops in London for Ambiance

Foxcroft & Ginger
Foxcroft & Ginger not only has a sweet name, but also stylish interiors. With whimsical lighting and contemporary style, their shops from Soho to Whitechapel lure me in with the promise of good coffee in a cool environment.

Foxcroft & Ginger, London

Tomtom Coffee House
In the heart of chi chi Belgravia, Tomtom Coffee House is my go-to for coffee with ambiance. Colorful chairs and a round communal table add an element of cheerfulness to the shop, and the big bowl of croissants never fails to tempt me. But most of all, I love gazing out the wide windows to watch the beautiful people go by.

Tomtom Coffee House, London

Any coffee shop with a bicycle above its entrance is going to catch my eye. TAP’s cool signage on Rathbone Place in Fitzrovia lured me in, and I stayed for the chilled out ambiance and cool wooden tables. Oh, and the good coffee. They know what they’re doing.

TAP Coffee, London

Best Coffee Shops in London for Coffee Lovers

In addition to having a great name, Prufrock coffee shop in Clerkenwell serves great coffee. I first discovered the place when a friend worked behind the counter, and have been going back ever since. They take their coffee incredibly seriously at Prufrock, and even do professional barista training and coffee-related classes and events.

Prufrock, London

Flat White
A few years ago I went on a coffee date with a guy who was a self-proclaimed coffee snob. He ordered his beans online since no coffee shop in London had good enough beans, and he had his espresso machine custom made since no company made a good enough machine. Essentially, he was impossible to please. Well, except when it came to the coffee at Flat White in Soho. An endorsement if there ever was one.

Flat White, London

Store Street Espresso
I’ve written about Store Street Espresso in Bloomsbury before, but I have to mention it again here. The strong, rich coffee blows me away every time (and I’m in the shop a lot of the time).

Store Street Espresso, London

Best Coffee Shops in London for Everything Else

Monmouth Coffee
No list of the best coffee shops in London would be complete without Monmouth Coffee. A staple on the London scene, its Borough Market location is packed every weekend and its Covent Garden shop has a perpetual queue. It’s about as classic a coffee shop as London can offer.

Monmouth Coffee, London

Nude Espresso
Just off Brick Lane, Nude Espresso not only serves some of the best coffee in London, but also has a colorful attitude—you can’t miss the bright red shopfront. It’s right around the corner from the London Coffee Festival venue, too, so it’s a good place to get a pre-festival caffeine fix.

Nude Espresso, London

Ozone Coffee Roasters
Not far from Nude Espresso, Ozone Coffee Roasters rounds out my list of the best coffee shops in London. Its location by Old Street in Shoreditch has a sleek, modern vibe and its coffees have enough caffeine to keep me energized from morning to night (seriously, I almost had trouble falling asleep 12 hours after a cappuccino).

Ozone Coffee Roasters, London

How about you? What are your favorite coffee shops in London?

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Best Coffee Shops in London

38 Comments on Lady’s 16 Lovely Coffee Shops in London

  1. One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m in London is to visit its coffee shops. I’ll definitely be heading to Farm Girl for one of those gorgeous lattes laced with rose petals the next time I’m in town. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Have you ever heard of Brick House Bakery? It’s an independent sourdough bakery and cafe based in East Dulwich, South East London. It sells Square Mile coffee too! And has great addictive pastries 🙂 you should check it out!

  3. Hi Julie

    I’m impressed with these best coffee shops. I don’t remember if I have been to any of these list.

    Thanks for sharing very lovely places in London 🙂

    Greetings from Glasgow

  4. Sometimes I think you write your post headlines just for me…! What a fabulous collection of places to explore, and, yes, those rose petals are simply wonderful.
    I should compare your picks with a favourite book of mine: Tea & Cake London, by Zena Alkayat – she made me want to spend a month exploring places like this, too.

  5. I was feeling a little bummed out about missing Coffee Week, but this will defiantly make up for it! I’m really excited to try Flat White in Soho. Haha, I’ve massive expectations on their coffee after hearing about your date!

  6. This is such a great selection of coffee shops! I am forever on the look out for places to sit and work when i’m not actually at work. A couple that top my list are The Vintage Bean Cafe just off Brick Lane, Shoreditch Grind on Old Street, The Black Lab in Clapham & 56 St James in Walthamstow when it’s open! Once again awesome list!

  7. Really nice places to try. I’m missing a few of my favourities, though 🙂

    Workshop coffe in farringdon and Kaffeine in fitzrovia are worth to try.

  8. late to the game here, but definitely worth adding The Espresso Room (Great Ormond St.) and the Rapha Cycling Club (Brewer St.)to the list! Thanks for compiling this–brought back many good memories of sublime caffeination during my stint in London a few years ago. Cheers!

  9. Thanks for an excellent list of London coffee shops. One that is worth trying is Bean Here ,just on the exit 19 of M25. It can be seen on Google maps. Small one man band who makes the most delicious coffee in a small wooden establishment. It is so popular with walkers and cyclists that people come from all over Herts , and North London to sample the coffee.
    The cakes are also freshly made locally. Well behaved dogs are also welcome and it is a great place to have properly made coffee

  10. I want to go to these lovely shops..Until then, looking for a best list in Michigan..Thanks for the inspiration!..rose petals too.lol

  11. Ozone is really a great place! I added to my ‘must-go list’ a couple of coffee shop you mention and I did not know (yet), thanks 😉 I do like Allpress and Sacred (both kiwi coffee shops).
    Have a lovely sunday!

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