Just when I think I know every London market, I discover a new one. This city has an endless variety of them, from farmers’ markets to vintage markets, and there are more popping up all the time. I recently discovered the South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial College, a great little food market with plenty of green space for picnics. Being there inspired me to write about my favorite markets in the city, and today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to the 14 best London markets.

Portobello Market in London

Best Food Markets in London

Maltby Street Market
One of my favorite markets in London is the Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey. Its tunnels and alleys are full of great produce and prepared foods, and exploring all the little pockets of the market feels like being on a treasure hunt.

Maltby Street Market in London

Broadway Market
Over by London Fields, Broadway Market has an amazing variety of food on offer, from Vietnamese coffee to fresh falafel. Its location by the park means it’s the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday eating and picnicking on the grass.

Broadway Market in London

Borough Market
London’s foodie heavyweight, Borough Market has been a stalwart on the market scene for ages. It has an amazing variety of stalls and restaurants, and is a fun place to shop and graze in spite of the ever-growing crowds.

Borough Market in London

Duke of York Square Food Market
Over in Chelsea, the Duke of York Square food market is one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday morning in London. The square has vendors offering everything from duck confit sandwiches to oysters and champagne. It’s the perfect place to find sustenance before a visit to the neighboring Saatchi Gallery or a shopping expedition on King’s Road.

Duke of York Square Food Market in London

Billingsgate Fish Market
Way out in Canary Wharf, the Billingsgate Fish Market is worth a special trip. The best way to take advantage of it is to wake up early to get the best seafood in London. The place is huge, and there’s an overwhelming variety to choose from!

Billingsgate Fish Market in London

South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial
The aforementioned South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial College is a great place to spend a lunch break on a sunny weekday. The adjacent Queen’s Lawn is an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic with one of the market’s famous burgers or a cheeky slice of cake. Or both.

South Kensington Tuesday Farmers' Market at Imperial College

Best Antiques Markets in London

Portobello Market
Notting Hill’s Portobello Market needs no introduction. One of the most famous markets in London, it’s a great place to browse through antique jewelry, vintage posters, and quirky knick-knacks. There are lots of great cafes and bakeries along the way that are perfect for a tea break, too.

Portobello Market in London

Camden Passage Market
Up in Angel, the pedestrianized Camden Passage Market has every kind of antique imaginable. From stalls selling necklaces and spoons to shops full of vintage furniture, there’s something for every antique lover here.

Camden Passage Market in London

Best Flower Markets in London

Columbia Road Flower Market
One of London’s best Sunday markets, the Columbia Road Flower Market is also one of its most colorful. It’s a great place to pick up potted plants and cut flowers, and when the heaving crowds get overwhelming, there are little corners with shops, pubs, and cafes to duck into.

Columbia Road Flower Market in London

New Covent Garden Flower Market
While the New Covent Garden Flower Market in Vauxhall doesn’t encourage non-trade visitors, it’s still a great place for serious floral enthusiasts to visit. Its cavernous warehouse offers everything from bright blue roses to vases and ribbons.

New Covent Garden Flower Market in London

Best Eclectic Markets in London

Brick Lane Markets
Brick Lane in Spitalfields has so many weekend markets it’s hard to keep track of them all. From vintage clothing to global food, it’s worth setting aside an entire day for browsing. Down the road, Spitalfields Market also has a great rotating mix of stalls throughout the week.

Brick Lane Market in London

Chatsworth Road Market
Up in Hackney, Chatsworth Road Market is one that I recently discovered and had a great time exploring. Part food market, part arts and crafts market, it has a good variety of vendors and great shops and restaurants up and down the street.

Chatsworth Road Market in London

Brixton Market
Brixton Market and the adjoining Brixton Village are great places to explore on a weekend. The markets have an eclectic mix of everything from fresh food to handmade goods, and the neighborhood’s ethnic and cultural diversity shines through in many of the stalls and shops.

Brixton Market in London

Camden Markets
Another place with an abundance of markets is Camden. The area around the Camden Town tube station buzzes with the many markets crammed into the neighborhood’s squares, tunnels, and courtyards. From foodie stalls to goth ones, there’s something for every taste and style here.

Camden Market in London

How about you? What’s your favorite London market?

30 Comments on Lady’s 14 Best London Markets

  1. Great round up Julie – you’e so right about always finding a new one whenever I think I’ve covered most of the London markets, I hear about another one. I first came to know of Broadway market a couple of years ago and still haven’t been! My two favourites are Greenwich Market and even more so, Brockley Market, which is a lot less crowded and full of locals!

  2. Love the London markets! We spend a lot of time at Broadway market and the close by Netil Market as well, which has an eclectic mix of vintage goods and food. I haven’t made it out to Billingsgate yet, though I have wanted to do it for a while. What time in the morning do you need to get there?

  3. I love living mere footsteps from Columbia Road – the flower market is my Sunday must-visit. Yesterday I went at the brilliantly late hour of eighteen past five, and I was given free cut flowers (pink hydrangeas, oh my!). Although Brick Lane market terrifies me on a Sunday, but I guess that’s the occupational hazard of living in East London! x


  4. Lovely round-up of London markets – it makes me want to visit again and explore some of these I haven’t been to! Last time I was in town I enjoyed the Sunday Up market on Brick Lane – there are so many over there that it is hard to keep them all straight!

  5. There are so many markets I still have to visit in London. I’ve been to a few listed here and I have my favourites, but I’m not going to deny that I’d love to explore more of London’s markets. For instance I’ve heard great things about the Brixton market.. next time I’m in London I’ll make sure to prioritize and get there before everywhere else 😉

  6. This is an impressive collection, to say the very least. Each destination is unique in its own ways, yet surpassing all others at the same time! I have been to many flower markets in London, but I am yet to discover the antique and food markets. Thanks for the great inputs!

  7. Another excellent write-up, thanks for these great pieces.
    I so remember visiting Portobello Rod Market in the 1960’s and Carnaby Street and Petticote Lane. Bought much of my clothes there back then, sorry but this is more than likely before your time, but great to see these places still going strong.
    Have visited Portobello Rod on our last visit down South, as we moved to North England in the 70’s.
    Reading your articles really makes my day, so informative.
    Many thanks again and take care on your travels.

  8. My favourite market in London is Camden Market.
    I love the different cultures there. You can eat the best food of London and
    you can see- and buy so much unusual things at this market!

  9. I am coming to London next week for work but will have the weekend to myself. I want to hit up Portobello Rd Market on Saturday morning, but I also would like to check out a food market. Is there one nearby, so that I could do both in one morning?

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