Today I want to share my Fulham area guide with you. This London neighborhood is a great place to eat, shop, drink, and walk in the UK capital. I hope you’ll like it.

Fulham Area Guide

Fulham Area Guide

After enjoying a visit to Wimbledon on Saturday, I decided to spend the afternoon in another new-to-me London neighborhood on Sunday: Fulham.

This part of west London is known for its colorful houses, great local pubs, lovely shops, and riverfront scenery.

The area is home to everything from the Hurlingham Club, a private members’ club on the Thames, to the fun Market Hall Fulham food court and the pop-up Fulham Beach at Neverland.

Colorful Huts at Fulham Beach, London

Fulham, London

A friend invited my boyfriend and me to a party at the famous Sloaney Pony, or as non-Londoners know it, The White Horse pub. Along with the nearby Michelin-starred Harwood Arms, it’s one of the best pubs in central London.

Since Fulham is almost an hour’s trek from our flat in Hampstead, we decided to head down to this under-the-radar London neighborhood early and make an afternoon of it.

Fulham Palace in London

Parsons Green

We stepped off the District Line of the tube at Parsons Green station and headed south to the park of the same name. We were immediately struck by its resemblance to a New England common, and felt like we were in Boston.

The small triangular green was full of families on picnics, couples on dates, and groups of friends lounging on blankets. Add to that a few old pubs, a historic church, and some beautiful houses, and it was a lovely scene.

Church in Fulham, London

New King’s Road in Fulham

Not knowing exactly where to walk, we turned onto New King’s Road in Fulham. Along with Fulham Road, it’s one of the main arteries in this London neighborhood.

Passing boutiques, shops, and restaurants, we noticed a coffee shop across the street that billed itself as a wine bar and cafe. Wine bar and cafe? This could be heaven.

Coffee at a cafe in Fulham, London

It was. It was a complete gem. With contemporary decor, piles of magazines, and an enticing menu, it seemed like the perfect cafe.

So much so that we put aside our neighborhood exploration for a good hour and a half just to sit, drink coffee, eat delicious sandwiches, and read the piles of magazines.

Sandwich at a cafe in Fulham

We finally hoisted ourselves out of our comfy black leather sofa around 5pm and continued our walk down New King’s Road. There were more shops and cafes to discover as we strolled towards Putney Bridge.

Bishops Park and Fulham Palace

At the end of the street we found ourselves in Bishops Park. Right on the Thames, this historic green space in Fulham is Grade II-listed in the English Heritage register of parks and gardens of special historic interest in England.

Trail in Bishops Park in Fulham, London

We walked through the park and over to Fulham Palace, a historic home with beautiful grounds, and spent a while strolling through the gorgeous walled gardens.

The place was huge, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that it hosts an outdoor cinema in the warmer months.

Doors to a Brick Building at Fulham Palace in London

Eventually we found ourselves in the churchyard cemetery of All Saints Church near Putney Bridge. We weaved our way through the mossy stones and overgrown trees, then headed back towards Parsons Green.

All Saints Church in Fulham, London

Sloaney Pony

By the time we arrived at the Sloaney Pony, the place was overflowing.

The interior, with its comfy furniture and massive bar, was packed, and the outside area, with picnic tables and a barbecue, was so full that people were spilling out into Parsons Green.

We knew that The White Horse pub in Fulham was one of the more popular pubs in the area, but we didn’t realize that it could pull such a crowd on a Sunday night. It put The Holly Bush, our most popular Hampstead pub, to shame.

Our friends had reserved an upstairs room for their celebration, so we spent the evening congratulating them, catching up with old friends, and meeting a lot of new people.

Colorful Houses in Fulham, London

Fulham Neighborhood

By the time we tore ourselves away and walked back to the tube, we felt like we had gotten a good introduction to Fulham, even if just the green and gastronomic highlights.

I hope this Fulham area guide has inspired you to visit for yourself and explore the neighborhood. It’s a great local part of the city, and an enjoyable one to discover.

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Fulham Area Guide

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  1. So fabulous to have stumbled upon your blog. The photos are terrific. Looking forward to seeing more of your treasured experiences.

  2. Hi! Love your blog! I love these kind of easy walks in new places where you are able to explore places and things you don't expect or plan for! Guess that's what travelling is all about!

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