Autumn is coming. London’s weather is getting cooler and rain is becoming more frequent. I am trying to do as many outdoor activities as I can before the cold really sets in. To that end, on Friday night I went with a friend to Fulham Palace for a bit of outdoor cinema in London.

Screen in the moonlight at an outdoor cinema in London England

The Nomad Cinema is known for converting Britain’s parks, gardens, and castle grounds into open-air movie theaters. From Hampton Court Palace to Bodiam Castle, the company’s roaming pop-up cinema shows a variety of films and supports a charity called The Sustainability Institute.

The people behind the cinema invited me to attend my choice of film and location, and I decided on a screening of Dangerous Liaisons at Fulham Palace. I had just finished reading the book and wanted to see the movie. Fulham Palace was as convenient a location of any of the choices on the list, and I looked forward to the show.

Fulham Palace in London England

My friend and I arrived on Friday night shortly before the film began. A large screen was set up on the lawn for the outdoor cinema in London, and people had set out blankets, chairs, and cushions in front of it.

As we approached, we heard the music of a live string quartet playing under the moonlight, and smelled the tempting aromas from a cluster of food vendors.

String quartet playing at an outdoor cinema in London England

After setting our blanket down, we were invited to a makeshift photography studio. There we saw period costumes and a set resembling an opulent palace from 18th century France. We donned said costumes and the photographer posed us for some photos, which we were told would be free to view online later (I’m still waiting, though).

Photography set at an outdoor cinema at Fulham Palace in London

The film started shortly thereafter. We sat down on our blanket and settled into a picnic feast. For the next two hours, we enjoyed the screening and our dinner under the stars. It was nice to be able to watch the movie outside in a festive ambiance. In a way it reminded me of the Secret Cinema films I had seen.

Picnic at an outdoor cinema in London England

When Dangerous Liaisons was over, we left the outdoor cinema in London and took the tube home. It was getting cold by then, and I was glad to have had the experience before the autumn chill and rains settled in for good.

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  1. THat was such a quaint and inspiringly traditional experience! Nice to know that amidst the fast pace of everyone raring to get into the future, a part of the world knows how to sit down on the grass, enjoy a picnic and watch a movie in the simplest of ways.

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