Today I want to share my self-guided Islington walk with you. This neighborhood is one of the most exciting places in London, and taking a walk here is a good way to get a feel for its mix of high street and side streets. There’s a map, too.

Islington Walk

Islington Walk

Located in the northern part of central London, Islington is a residential area with one of the longest and most vibrant high streets in the UK capital.

It’s worth a visit for its great shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs, as well as its historic side streets, markets, canals, and colorful doors.

My favorite place in Islington is Camden Passage. This pedestrianized street has a lot of places to eat, drink, and shop, and there’s a market that brings it to life.

There are loads of other fun places in the neighborhood, and you’ll discover a wealth of them on the walk.

Houses in Islington

Walk in Islington

My self-guided Islington walk will show you around this London neighborhood from the high street to the secret passageways. Along the way, you’ll come across everything from pretty gardens to canal boats.

Islington is known for its abundance of restaurants, pubs, and cafes, so you can easily stop for a meal, snack, or drink while you wander if you’d like to.

If you want a longer walk, you can combine this route with my Clerkenwell walking tour, which ends where this walk begins.

Street in Islington

Self-Guided London Walking Tour

This loveliest of London walks starts at Angel station. You can arrive by tube, bus, or on foot from other parts of central London.

When you exit the station, turn left to walk south down Islington High Street. When you reach the big intersection, turn left on Goswell Road / City Road, then take a left on Duncan Terrace.

You’ll find yourself on a residential street with a skinny garden running through it. You can walk up the street or through Duncan Terrace Gardens, depending on your preference.

Street in Islington

Make sure to look out for the details on the houses that run along the street as you go. They’re great examples of the area’s heritage homes, many of which have colorful doors.

Don’t miss the views of Regent’s Canal halfway up the street, either. The colorful boats are fun to see.

When you get to the top of the gardens, continue your Islington walk by turning left on Charlton Place. There are more beautiful houses and colorful doors here, and they’ll lead you along to Camden Passage.

When you arrive at Camden Passage, turn left. This skinny pedestrianized street has great shops, cafes, and markets, so it’s a fun place to browse, buy, or stop for a coffee.

Shop in Islington

Camden Passage becomes Islington High Street. When it does, follow it down one street and take your first right to get to Upper Street. When you get there, turn right.

Upper Street is the main shopping and dining street in Islington, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the area here.

Continue your Islington walk by heading north on Upper Street towards Islington Green. When you reach the green, veer right, then take a sharp right on Camden Passage to see the rest of the alley and its shops and markets.

Shops in Camden Passage in Islington

Turn right when you reach Charlton Place, and follow it back to Upper Street. Turn right on Upper Street, cross the street where it’s safe, and continue north on Upper Street. You’ll find more of Islington’s famous shops and restaurants here.

After passing by St Mary’s Church on your right, turn left on Almeida Street. You’ll go by a theater and some pretty residential buildings before reaching a narrow passageway at the end.

Almeida Passage, Islington, London

Your Islington walk will take you through Almeida Passage into Milner Square. Soak up the surroundings here, then walk north to Barnsbury Street.

Turn left on Barnsbury Street and follow it across Liverpool Road. The houses here are beautiful, and there’s a local pub called The Drapers Arms that’s fun to stop at for a drink or meal.

Barnsbury Street, Islington, London

When you reach Lonsdale Square, turn left and walk down into it. This place has amazing doors in all colors, not to mention great architectural features to admire.

When you’ve taken it all in, continue your Islington walk by heading south out of the square. Cross over Richmond Avenue where it’s safe, and continue south on Stonefield Street to get to Cloudesley Square.

You can admire the hulking form of Holy Trinity church in the middle of the square, then walk west out of the square and turn right on Cloudesley Road.

Follow the road north as it becomes Thornhill Road. You’ll pass pretty houses and green spaces like Thornhill Road Garden as you go.

There are pubs like The Albion to stop at along the way, so you can take a break if you need one.

The Albion Pub, Islington

If not, continue your Islington walk up Thornhill Road and turn right on Brooksby Street. Walk down it until you reach Liverpool Road, then turn left.

Walk up one street, then turn right on Islington Park Street and follow it down to Upper Street. Turn left on Upper Street and walk north, passing by more of the area’s pubs and shops as you go.

Soon you’ll arrive at Highbury & Islington station, where your self-guided Islington walk ends. You can pick up the tube, a train, or a local bus here, or spend additional time exploring the area.

Highbury Fields is just north of the station and is a good place to sit and relax if you need a rest.

Highbury Fields

Islington Walk Details

Time: 1 – 3 hours (depending on time in the cafes, shops, and pubs)

Map of the first half of the walk:

Map of the second half of the walk:

Further afield: Angel, Highbury, Clerkenwell, Barnsbury, King’s Cross, Canonbury, Regent’s Canal

Islington Door

I’ve written a lot more London walks and pulled them together in my London walking tours blog post.

There are other walks to be discovered in the book London’s Hidden Walks, too. You can get a copy here. There are additional ideas in my London walking books post as well.

Happy walking!

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Islington Walk

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  1. My grandmother grew up here in the 1920s in a pub near the end of your walk. Unfortunately i don’t think her street exists anymore (WW2 bombing) but nice to see much history has survived. I would love to do this trail when I can travel to London again!

  2. Beautiful! I love taking long walks & enjoying the nooks & crannies of an area. The pretty houses and green spaces sound lovely.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this lovely walk guide! Had a great time exploring the neighbourhood and really appreciated the different kinds of architecture, you highlighted, the bustling little wiggly streets and, of course, the (public) gardens. Lots of cute little watering holes dotted along just off the route too!

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