I can’t get enough of the Cotswolds. If there’s one part of England I love for weekend getaways from London, it’s here. Golden stone houses, storybook villages, and sheep-filled pastures are my perfect fairytale. So I’m excited to return to the area to spend 36 hours in Cirencester.

36 Hours in Cirencester

36 Hours in Cirencester

Over in Gloucestershire, Cirencester is one of the largest towns in the Cotswolds. Dating all the way back to Roman times, layers of history give it a unique charm. I’m here on a weekend trip with my boyfriend, and we can’t wait to peel those layers back.

Cecily Hill, Cirencester

We drive out to Cirencester on a Saturday morning, breathing in the countryside on the way. Before arriving in town, we stop for lunch at The Potting Shed Pub in Malmesbury. It’s just about the sweetest place I’ve ever seen, and I want to wrap up the timber beams and cozy fireplaces and bundle them home to London.

The Potting Shed Pub, Malmesbury

After lunch we head into Cirencester to start exploring. What we find delights.

Hedge, Cirencester

The Market Place and impressive Church of St John the Baptist dominate the town center, and we can’t help popping inside the latter to see the stunning interior and fan vaulted ceiling.

Church of St John the Baptist, Cirencester

But the real highlight of our 36 hours in Cirencester is exploring the town’s maze of tiny streets. Skinny Black Jack Street has lots of great restaurants and pubs, and I duck down every little alley that radiates from it to discover more of the town’s charms.

Jesse's, Cirencester

And perhaps the prettiest street in Cirencester is Cecily Hill, which leads to the expansive grounds of Cirencester Park.

Cecily Hill, Cirencester

The street is bursting with lovely homes and gardens, and prepares us for the beauty in the park ahead.

Cecily Hill, Cirencester

When we get there, we meander along the main path, taking in a folly here and a lake there. As we turn to head back into town, we get a stunning view of the Church of St John the Baptist.

Cirencester Park

We spend the rest of our time in Cirencester enjoying riverside walks and taking in the town’s shops and cafes. We pop into the Corn Hall and Corn Hall Arcade to see the local craft market and do a bit of browsing, and eventually enjoy a sushi dinner at Soushi.

Cirencester Park

Sadly, limited opening hours mean that we miss out on the Corinium Museum and New Brewery Arts center. But it’s always good to save a few things for the next visit, and by the time we leave this lovely place we know that there will be one.

Have you been to the Cotswolds? How would you spend 36 hours in Cirencester?

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36 Hours in Cirencester

18 Comments on Lady’s 36 Hours in Cirencester

  1. Thanks for this post. I just moved to Cheltenham so a day trip to Cirencester has been on my list. Now I know what to do when I’m there! I really love the Cotswolds; it’s such a beautiful area.

  2. Love this post. We are heading to London again in February 2017. We want to do a side trip where we take the train somewhere and spend 2 nights. Cirencester looks great. What is the easiest way to get there? Do you need a car there?
    Lodging recommendations?
    Laura Hysjulien

  3. Lovely to see a post about my home town and great to hear you had a nice time here. 🙂
    I love Black Jack street too! Especially the ‘Candy Man’ and ‘Pick a Pot and Paint’.

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