Winter is here. London’s frosts are growing thicker every morning, and the sun is setting earlier each day. If you’re traveling to Britain this season and want a local’s advice for what to carry in your bag, here’s my essential winter packing list for London. These 6 items will help you pack efficiently and hit the ground looking like a local.

Winter Packing List for London

Winter Packing List for London

I’d love to sugar coat it, but London is cold in the winter. I nearly froze my first year here with inadequate clothing and accessories, but after surviving 9 chilly seasons I have a few tricks to share. I hope they’ll save you from the pitfalls I encountered.

Winter Outfit for London

Wool Coat
Nothing fights the freezing air like a thick wool coat, and if there’s one item of clothing I can’t live without between November and May, this is it.

Knee-length with a good collar and warm lining, it’s a lifesaver when the temperatures plummet. If you’re in the UK, get one here. If you’re in the US, get one here.

Over-the-Knee Boots
My feet are always freezing. Summer or winter, they feel like ice blocks even when I’m indoors. So when I leave home, I wrap them up in boots. And in the winter, that means over-the-knee boots. They not only keep my feet warm and dry, but also my legs.

Flat boots are essential for walking in London, and I always make sure I have a pair ready. If you’re in the UK, get them here. If you’re in the US, buy them here.

Winter Scarf
The next item on my winter packing list for London is a scarf. One of the best tricks for keeping warm when temperatures drop is a big scarf.

It’s not only a necessity for staving off frostbite on my neck, but also a great accessory for styling an outfit or dressing up a casual look. If you’re in the UK, you can buy one here. If you’re in the US, you can get one here.

Chunky Knit Sweaters
Under my scarf and coat comes a knit sweater. I like classic cuts and colors so I can mix and match them with whatever else I’m wearing.

I usually layer them with other shirts underneath, both for style and for when it’s so hot on the tube I have to de-layer before I overheat. If you’re in the UK, these are great. If you’re in the US, these are just the thing.

Winter Hat
On top of it all, I put on a winter hat. It’s amazing how warm a hat can keep me, and I always have mine either on my head or in my bag during the colder months.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but I like a warm wool one to keep the heat in. If you’re in the UK, this is the perfect hat. If you’re in the US, check this one out.

Like my feet, my hands get cold quickly in the London winter. To avoid frozen fingers, I wear gloves.

And since I’m constantly using my phone, gloves with fingers that work on a touch screen are lifesavers. If you’re in the UK, this is the perfect pair. If you’re in the US, this one is just the thing.

To recap, here is my winter packing list for London:
1. Wool coat
2. Over-the-knee boots
3. Winter scarf
4. Chunky knit sweaters
5. Winter hat
6. Gloves

If you follow this packing list you’ll be all set for your trip, sun or snow. Happy travels!

How about you? What would you put on your winter packing list for London?

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Winter Packing List for London

14 Comments on Lady’s Essential Winter Packing List for London

  1. Great post, Julie! I’m always struggling to stay warm in winter, and now I know what my problem is – I don’t have a wool coat!

  2. I would add a pair of warm socks to my packing list for London in the winter.
    It’s pretty cold here in Sweden aswell in the winter so i always put on a pair of warm socks before putting my feet into the boots. Also a light down jacket to have under my warmer jacket incase it’s really chilly, i hate to freeze.

  3. Great list! I pretty much live in sweaters all winter in England. I’d also add thick socks to the list, I find some boots can not be very good at holding in heat so the socks also help.

  4. I love your travel style – clean and classic looking! I’m heading to London and Paris for the last week of March. Do you think I should stick to this packing list or reference your Spring list as well?

    Thanks for all your help and ideas!

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