Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. The changing leaves, the chill in the air, and the promise of cozy evenings by the fire ease the transition from summer. If you love the season and want to see it at its best, today I bring you the 9 best places to travel in autumn.

Best Places to Travel in Autumn

Best Places to Travel in Autumn

The world has no shortage of amazing places to see fall colors, sit by a fire, or indulge in the best of the year’s harvest. So if you’re wondering where to travel in autumn, read on.

Hampstead Heath, London

New England, USA

One of my favorite things about going to university in Rhode Island was the abundance of fall foliage in New England. The drive from Providence to Boston was gorgeous, and a backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was one of my most memorable college travel experiences.

Autumn Leaves

Burgundy, France

Autumn means one thing in wine country: harvest. It’s a great time to visit Burgundy to see the grapes coming off the vines and revel in the buzz of activity. This part of France is also beautiful during the autumn season, so it’s a great time to hop in a car (or on a bike) and cruise through the vineyards.

Grapes in Burgundy, France

San Francisco, USA

Don’t let San Francisco fool you. This Californian city may seem like the perfect summer travel destination, but locals know it’s at its best in fall. As the summer fog burns off, San Francisco becomes one of the best places to travel in autumn. September and October tend to have the best weather of the year, not to mention fewer crowds.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Patagonia, Chile

The Southern Hemisphere’s spring is a great time to visit Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. With fewer crowds than the peak summer season and better chances of seeing wildlife and avoiding harsh winds, November is a great time to visit Patagonia. There are good travel deals to be found at this time of year, too.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

New Forest, UK

I’ll never forget my first trip to England’s New Forest in autumn. The colors on the leaves were so bright that I thought I had stepped into a dream. Hampshire’s gem of a wilderness is the perfect place to be ensconced in fall foliage, and easy to do as a day trip from London.

New Forest, England

Alba, Italy

One of my best foodie trips in Europe has been the White Truffle Festival in Alba, Italy. Every autumn this pretty town in Piedmont comes alive with the scent of the season. White truffles fill the air, the plates, and the shops as visitors from all over come to celebrate the delicacy. Make sure to arrive hungry!

Alba, Italy

Bali, Indonesia

Out in Asia, one of the best places to travel in autumn is Bali. September and October are great months to visit, as the peak summer crowds are gone and the climate is still friendly. From the coastal beaches to the inland rice fields, the island is ripe for exploration in the fall.

Bali, Indonesia

Paso Robles, California, USA

If you prefer New World wines to Old, Paso Robles is your ideal autumn travel destination. The fall colors are heavy on the vines, the harvest is in full swing, and California’s golden autumn sunshine is pretty much guaranteed. Better yet, this wine region is less touristy than Napa so you won’t have to jostle for space in the tasting rooms.

Paso Robles Winery

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia is the perfect place for a safari in September or October. I went a few years ago in October and saw more wildlife than I’ve seen on any other safari in Africa (and I’ve done a few!). The sheer volume and diversity of species blew me away, as did the fact that I could watch the elephants out the window of my room.

Zebras, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

What about you? What do you think are the best places to travel in autumn?

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Best Places to Travel in Autumn

22 Comments on Lady’s 9 Places You Have to Travel in Autumn

  1. Such lovely suggestions! I want to go to them all, but especially the New Forest and and New England; I’d love to see the beautiful displays of leaves changing colour. Fall if my favourite season too so I’m excited it’s starting 🙂 xxx

  2. Great post! My parents did their honeymoon to Boston and the surrounding area in the the autumn. It was so perfect and romantic that they’ve decided to go back this year for their 30th anniversary!

  3. I fell in love with the Torres Del Paine National Park but only went for a day trip from Argentina and would love to go back one day to spend longer there. As for San Francisco, I can vouch for being one of those unpepared people who went one July many years ago and spent a lot of time borrowing cardigans and scarves from my friend because I’d only brought summer clothes not realising how breezy and chilly it can get!

  4. I went to New England last month and i am SO DESPERATE to go back in Fall! We went to Providence and isn’t it just stunning? I can see why Em Watson picked Brown University. Boston is also on my list of dream places to live 🙂

  5. I sooooo agree for San Francisco! Autumn was the best season there, much warmer than summer of course, and less crowded. I loved it!

  6. What a great post! I absolutely want to go to New England in autumn some time – have to see those colors for myself.. Going to San Francisco this November, hopefully the weather will still be good even though it’s closer to winter 😛

  7. For me fall is about one thing, a search for beautiful foliage. I missed it for over ten years living in Southern California and now I’m in the Pacific Northwest and it’s incredible. But still nothing like East Coast places like New England, which I have been lucky enough to see in October!

    Your photo of the New Forest firmly put that on my list of places to go during fall. And I’ve seen landscape photos of Burgundy during that time of year that look incredible too. Thanks for sharing!

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