Today I’m excited to launch something new on the A Lady in London blog: an interactive map of London’s neighborhoods! Given how many I’ve written about, I thought it would be helpful to put them all together in one place. Each neighborhood and my relevant blog posts are pinpointed, making it easy to get an idea of where everything is.

I hope this will be helpful to you as you make your way through London, whether physically or virtually. If you’re in London or plan on traveling here, it can help you plan things to do in various neighborhoods.

I would love to know what you think of the map, so feel free to leave a comment on the post. I also plan to add more to it and keep it updated as time goes on. I will keep version of it on the sidebar of the blog so that you can easily find it when you come to A Lady in London.

If you can’t see the map, just click here.

24 Comments on Lady’s Map of London

  1. That’s great. And just in perfect time too. I’m flying to London tomorrow and planning to visit a few new neighbourhoods.

  2. This is a great resource. I am writing to book to help first time London visitors, and one of the things I recommend is getting to know the neighborhoods before booking a room. My book includes website and guidebook recommendations, and I would consider adding reference to your blog so that they could find your take on London’s neighborhoods. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Lady, we crossed paths on Twitter today. I’ve been a map “addict” all of my life so I absolutely love this! I have a close friend here at work who travels to London and she will also be jazzed to see it. Sending her the link after commenting! The best of continued luck and blessing to you in your travels! 🙂

  4. Terriffic, just did a test drive, and all the bells and whistles work – I’m going to rent an Aston Martin and visit every dot in one day….,

  5. Hey!
    This is so helpful! I noticed how much more I enjoy places that are not in every London guide book!
    I have one question tho, not related to this. What do you think about Cardiff? is it worth paying a visit? and what except a castle and bay is worth seeing.
    Thank you so much x

  6. Great idea and I’m looking forward to putting it to good use!

    Just in case you didn’t know, it didn’t work on my iPhone when I looked at it earlier – not a single dot showed up.

    I have a map like this on my site linking to favourite posts etc and I just checked and mine doesn’t work on my iPhone or iPad either! I hadn’t realised 🙁

    Never-the-less I’m sure I’m going to find your map really useful. there’s so much of London I don’t know yet!

  7. Great idea, I love maps, it’s just such an easy way to visualise where you can go.

    Interesting that you used the Google maps lite engine. I used a plugin for my map of hotels around Europe on my blog but I see that with the Google map, you can just embed it where you want, on your page or on your side bar. May consider that too.

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