Lady and the Grill

Londoners love to talk about the weather. One thing I’ve learned since I’ve been here is that the best way to strike up a conversation with a stranger is to talk about the rain, hail, fog, snow or other inclement precipitation that has plagued the city that day. Much as people like to discuss how the climate is ever-changing, the depressing reality is that the weather in London is always abysmal.

That is, it was until yesterday. Something happened yesterday that Londoners weren’t quite sure what to make of. A star, known to humans in other parts of the world as the “sun”, appeared out of nowhere and precipitated an obscure natural phenomenon the meteorologists told us to call “warm weather.”


Lady in the Garden

My favorite flower is the tulip. Happy and colorful, tulips are always a cheerful reminder of spring. As such, for my birthday my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Amsterdam to visit the famous tulips at Keukenhof Gardens.

Pink tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam


Lady in The Lanes

On Friday I went with a friend to Brighton for the day. Before leaving we knew little about Brighton save for the fact that from the time of George IV it has been a town dedicated to partying, eating, and a general sense of conviviality. It wasn’t hard to sell us on that idea.

Sunny but windy, Brighton was a nice escape from the rain and hail that plagued London throughout the day. Our first stop was the beach, which reminded us of how much we miss the ocean. We spent some time walking along the rocky shore and gorging ourselves on a healthy plate of fries before heading off to explore the carnivalesque Brighton Pier.

Beach chairs on Brighton Beach in England


Lady and the Landlady

My boyfriend and I moved into our flat in Hampstead a few months ago, and have spent a lot of time moving in, decorating, and making the place feel like home. We hung pictures, bought furniture, started planting our garden, and couldn’t wait to have our first summer BBQ.