Lady in the Country

Just as I really started to complain about the weather in London things warmed up significantly. This weekend temperatures have been in the high 70’s and I could not be in a better mood.

Oasts at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent England


Lady and the Little Bear

Last year a small polar bear named Knut was born at the Berlin Zoo. Cute and cuddly, the bear stole the hearts of people all over the world when its mother rejected it and the zoo raised it by hand. Fast forward a year and Knut is no longer the adorable ball of fur that the world knew him to be. He grew up to be a regular polar bear, still cute, but not that cute.

Poster of polar bear Flocke in Nuremberg Germany


Lady @ Work

Ever since I quit my job at the hedge fund to move to London people have been asking me about work. What will you do? What do you think you’ll do? What do you want to do? Will you ever actually do anything at all? For some reason people didn’t seem to think that traveling the world and being a lady of leisure was hard work. Couldn’t imagine why.


Lady and the Grill

Londoners love to talk about the weather. One thing I’ve learned since I’ve been here is that the best way to strike up a conversation with a stranger is to talk about the rain, hail, fog, snow or other inclement precipitation that has plagued the city that day. Much as people like to discuss how the climate is ever-changing, the depressing reality is that the weather in London is always abysmal.

That is, it was until yesterday. Something happened yesterday that Londoners weren’t quite sure what to make of. A star, known to humans in other parts of the world as the “sun”, appeared out of nowhere and precipitated an obscure natural phenomenon the meteorologists told us to call “warm weather.”