It’s country walk time. Today I want to bring you a guide to one of the best walks in Berkshire, England. This beautiful number is an easy day trip from London and a great way to get out and enjoy the British countryside.

Walks in Berkshire

Walks in Berkshire

There are a lot of great walks in Berkshire. As with pretty much all my country walks, a friend has planned this one for his walking group.

I’m along to soak up the sunny weather and get out of the city after a stressful week. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Berkshire, and to doing it on foot.

This walk is a circular, so my group will start and end at Goring and Streatley train station. It will take us through pretty villages, golden fields, purple flowers, and shaded woodlands. The whole thing will take us six-and-a-half hours, including a leisurely 2-hour stop for lunch.

Field with Flowers in Berkshire, England

How to Get to Goring and Streatley

We get to the starting point by taking a train from London’s Paddington station to Goring and Streatley station just after 8am.

There are direct trains, but we change at Reading since it’s faster. In just under an hour we find ourselves getting off in Goring to start our most exciting of walks in Berkshire.

The village scenery is pretty and the River Thames bucolic. It’s hard to believe we’re so close to Reading (and London, for that matter).

Goring, Berkshire, England

Walk from Goring to Streatley

We start the 11.2-mile (18km) route with a walk from Goring to Streatley, which lies across the Thames. Goring is beautiful—George Michael had a home here—and full of pretty houses and gardens. Idyllic village pubs round out the scene.

Pub in Goring, England

The Thames glitters in the sun, and we stop on the bridge to watch the canal boats with their bright colors.

Goring, England

Walk from Streatley to Aldworth

We veer off into the countryside soon after we arrive in Streatley, but we’ll be back later to see it. As we go, we pass by Thurle Grange, where a big country house overlooks a busy horseback riding ring.

Soon we’re walking through everything from golden fields to hills blanketed with purple flowers and poppies.

It’s stunning scenery, and even a few hills don’t slow us down. This really is one of the prettiest walks in Berkshire.

Field with Flowers in Berkshire, England

Pub Lunch in Aldworth, Berkshire

We arrive at our lunch stop in the village of Aldworth earlier than expected. It’s 10:50am and the pub, The Bell Inn, isn’t open yet.

Thankfully it’s a sunny day and the pub has a big beer garden. We sit at picnic tables and enjoy a rest until they’re ready to take orders.

The Bell Inn dates back to around the 15th century and has the historic interiors to prove it. Run by the same family for over 250 years, it has a traditional feel and authentic atmosphere.

The pub only serves sandwiches and ploughman’s lunch platters, but the bread is fresh and warm, and the fillings delicious. We linger over lunch as the garden fills with people, then head off to continue our loveliest of walks in Berkshire.

Garden at The Bell Inn in Aldworth, England

Walk from Aldworth to Ashampstead Common

As we go, we discover pretty houses and vintage cars in Aldworth, as well as country scenery worth photographing near the village.

Aldworth, England

Soon we’re down near Ashampstead Common, where wooded trails make for different scenery than we’ve seen before. It’s nice to walk through the trees and take advantage of their shade on a hot day.

We dodge nettles where we can, but those of us in shorts get a few stings. It’s worth it to be walking through the woods, though.

Woodland Path in Berkshire, England

Walk from Ashampstead Common to Streatley

From here this prettiest of walks in Berkshire turns north again to take us back to where we started. We walk through a mix of woodlands, fields, and hills as we make our way to Streatley.

At one point there’s a steep hill and I start to think I’ll never make it to the top. But I power through with the others and we’re rewarded with views across the surrounding fields and trees when we arrive.

Not long later, our path meets a road and we find ourselves in Streately. Like Goring, it has historic pubs and idyllic houses. It too is on the Thames, and we can’t help stopping for a drink on the terrace of one of the riverfront restaurants before we take the train back to London.

River Thames in Streatley, England

Walk from Streatley to Goring

From the Thames, it’s less than a 15-minute walk to Goring and Streatley station. I take pictures the whole way, wanting to capture every pretty detail.

Once at the station, we hop on a train to Reading and change for a fast service to Paddington. In less than an hour, we’re back in the capital feeling like we’re in a different world. It’s been an amazing day out, and the perfect way to enjoy one of the best walks in Berkshire.

House in Goring, Berkshire, England

Walks in Berkshire

I hope this guide has inspired you to get outdoors and into the English countryside. If you want to do this or another of the best walks in Berkshire, there are plenty of maps online to help you replicate my friend’s route.

I’ve also put all my country walks in Britain into a single blog post if you’d like additional ideas. Happy hiking!

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Walks in Berkshire

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  1. Hi Julie, love your blog as always and glad you are back on track with your health.
    Does your friend do walks as a business or his walking group for a private group?
    It would be great to visit London and go on organised walking day trips with a guide.

  2. Does you friend who organises the walks do it for a wider public group or just a small group of friends? I’ve recently relocated to London and would love to join a similar group!


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