London goes all-out for Christmas, and this year is no exception. The lights are brighter, the trees are taller, and the decorations are shinier than ever before. One of my favorite places to experience the season is right in the heart of the city. A Covent Garden Christmas is a Christmas like no other, and today I want to share some of my photos of this year’s decorations.

Covent Garden Christmas

Covent Garden Christmas

Starting at the piazza, Covent Garden is bursting with seasonal cheer. The annual tree went up a few weeks ago, its branches towering over the street performers. It’s one of many Christmas trees in London, and it’s one of my favorites for its size and simplicity.

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

The fun continues inside the piazza. Every year Covent Garden’s Christmas extravaganza includes big silver baubles and clusters of mistletoe suspended from the ceiling. It adds a festive feeling to the shops and restaurants inside, and brightens up the atmosphere after dark (and dark comes earlier and earlier these days).

Covent Garden Christmas Decorations

As if that’s not enough, Covent Garden Christmas continues with candy canes and chairs set up on one side of the piazza. Visitors and locals can pose for photos or just capture the wintry scene.

Covent Garden Christmas Decorations

And not far away, shops and restaurants around the area have come up with their own decorations. One restaurant on the south side has put up a Christmas tree made entirely of ornaments, bows, pine cones, and tinsel. The shiny baubles bring life to the facade, and I can’t help stopping to photograph it every time I walk by.

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

Elsewhere around the piazza, the annual Santa’s sleigh has popped up. But the real treat this year is the green Christmas car, its roof stacked high with presents. It’s been one of the most Instagrammed objects in London this season, and for good reason. It’s a delight to see, and brings Covent Garden Christmas to life.

Covent Garden Christmas Car

Away from the piazza, shops and restaurants are decking their interiors with seasonal bunting and all kinds of gifts. And that’s to say nothing of the lights and golden holly on Slingsby Place, which are some of my favorite decorations in the UK capital.

Covent Garden Christmas Lights

And there’s more to come. I can’t wait to keep going back to the area as Christmas gets nearer. Every year I get a pleasant surprise as I walk through the piazza, whether it’s from live carol singers or entertaining street performers. I know this year will be no exception, so I look forward to as many Covent Garden Christmas miracles as I can come across. I hope you experience some, too.

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Covent Garden Christmas

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  1. Lovely photos. I was in Covent Garden a few weeks ago. Went to see a play on the west end. Must have JUST missed the Xmas decorations being put up. It looks very Christmassy. I had to settle for enjoying the singers and street performers – who are always wonderful of course. So talented.

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