Following a beautiful visit to Wiltshire, my great British road trip has taken me north to the Midlands. People have been telling me about Nottingham for years, but I’ve never managed to get here. Now the land of Robin Hood and his sheriff is finally on my travel itinerary, and I arrive excited to spend 1 day in Nottingham.

1 Day in Nottingham

1 Day in Nottingham

After visiting the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Chester, Wales, Wiltshire, London, and the Cotswolds, my boyfriend and I steer our camper van into the city ready to see what there is to do in Nottingham.

Street in Nottingham

Nottingham Lace Market

We begin in the Lace Market, an area once famous for being the center of the world’s lace production. Nowadays it’s full of curving brick buildings and cobbled streets, and I can’t help wandering down every little lane I find.

Nottingham Lace Market

It’s also full of hip coffee shops and restaurants, and the whole time we’re here I feel like I need to sip and nibble my way around the neighborhood.

Nottingham Lace Market

Old Market Square

From the Lace Market our 1 day in Nottingham takes us to the Old Market Square. It’s at the heart of the city center, and all the shopping we can imagine radiates from it. There are plenty of high street shops and modern arcades, but we focus our time on the quiet alleys.


And it pays off. We discover independent stores like the Five Leaves Bookshop and colorful courtyards like Cobden Chambers, which is full of picnic tables and flower pots. If there were ever a kind of shopping designed for me, this hide-and-seek variety is it.

Cobden Chambers in Nottingham

Nottingham Castle

Not far from the Old Market Square lies Nottingham Castle. Sitting atop a network of secret sandstone caves, it’s everything I expected from the land of Robin Hood.

Nottingham Castle

A hulking gate with two towers marks the entrance, and down a road called Maid Marian Way (yay!) lies a statue of Robin Hood himself.

Statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham

Not far from there sits the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub, which is said to be the oldest pub in England. It’s everything a “ye olde” pub should be, from the rambling architecture to the moss-covered roof tiles.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub in Nottingham

Nottingham Streets

We spend the rest of our time in Nottingham wandering through the city center and soaking up the atmosphere. The city has an abundance of beautiful architectural features, charming lanes, and pretty squares we can’t get enough of.


So much so that we could spend more than a day here taking it all in. But the road beckons. Our next stop is Yorkshire, so we wave good-bye to Robin Hood and hop in the camper van for the upcoming leg of our journey. Stay tuned…

How about you? What would you do with 1 day in Nottingham?

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1 Day in Nottingham

14 Comments on Lady’s Lovely Guide to 1 Day in Nottingham

  1. Looks amazing! I love how that pub is built right into the side of the hill/castle (whichever). It looks like my kind of town, yet another to add to my increasingly ridiculous list! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the rest of your road trip.

  2. One day would not even be enough time in that charming village, but I would definitely spend some serious time in that book store. Beautiful

  3. I live so close to Nottingham and have only been for the first time last month for the beer festival! We stopped in the old Jerusalem and it’s sooo cute inside! I need to go back and hang out by the sounds of it.

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