There’s no place like the English countryside, and Yorkshire is one of my favorite areas to enjoy it. Which is why I’m happy my great British road trip is continuing there. After a lovely time in the Lake District, I’m looking forward to spending 3 days in the Yorkshire Dales.

3 days in the Yorkshire Dales

3 Days in the Yorkshire Dales

My boyfriend and I hop in our camper van and drive through stunning scenery to get from Cumbria to Yorkshire. Once in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, we base ourselves in the village of Ingleton. It’s on the southern border of the park, and a good base for the walks and natural beauty the area is known for. It’s pretty, too.

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales

Walks in the Yorkshire Dales

We start our visit with the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, a 4-mile walk that takes us along beautiful falls and though sheep-filled pastures. It’s a great introduction to the park, and sets the tone for the rest of the trip.

Ingleton Waterfalls

The next morning we set off to climb Ingleborough. It’s the second highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales and one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Things start off well, but as we ascend the rain sets in. By the time we’re near the top visibility is so low we can barely see in front of us, so we turn back before we reach the summit. It’s still been a rewarding hike, though, and we’re glad to have had the exercise.


The next day we hop in the van and try our luck at nearby Malham Cove.

Road in the Yorkshire Dales

This time the sun leads the way, and as we walk from the village to the curved limestone wall we’re rewarded with blue skies and beautiful views. It more than makes up for the inclement weather the day before.

Malham Cove

Towns in the Yorkshire Dales

But it’s not all walking in the Yorkshire Dales. When we’re not exploring the trails, we’re enjoying the towns. One day we drive past the Ribblehead Viaduct into Hawes, a market town in the middle of the national park.

Ribblehead Viaduct

It’s a great place to explore, with pretty side streets and a high street full of shops. It’s also home to the Wensleydale Creamery, where the cheese made famous by the animated series Wallace & Gromit is made.

Wensleydale Creamery

We pick up some cheese to take home and tuck in for a tasting after dinner. It feels good to have a treat after all the walking we’ve done, and it helps us prepare for the upcoming stage of our journey.

Tree in the Yorkshire Dales

The next stop on our great British road trip is Chester. Stay tuned…

How would you spend 3 days in the Yorkshire Dales?

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3 days in the Yorkshire Dales

12 Comments on Lady’s Guide to 3 Days in the Yorkshire Dales

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time there. I’m really jealous of the environment you have over there. The fields, the nice geography and the cosy little villages. You also captured them on frame in a good way!

    Can’t wait to go there too one day.

  2. Wow looks stunning, lovely post 🙂 I have been to the Lake District many times but never the Yoskshire Dales which is a little weird as they are slightly closer to me than the lakes.

    Wil have to consider for my next english countryside trip 🙂

    Holly x

  3. That looks like an amazing trip so far. I love your photos and really want to visit both the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. What’s cool is how much variety there is in the scenery and then you have those nice, cozy villages with beautiful architecture. I’m looking forward to seeing where else you went on your road trip!

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