There’s something magical about Covent Garden. From the covered markets to the secret side streets, the area appeals to me as much now as it did when I first moved to London. So much so that this week I’ve spent time there shooting footage for a new London video.

Covent Garden London Video

Covent Garden London Video

The result is a 2-minute Covent Garden video with my 9 reasons to love the area. It covers everywhere from the piazza to Neal’s Yard and reveals the best of the area’s coffee, shopping, and courtyards. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you been to Covent Garden? What are your favorite places?

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Covent Garden London Video

12 Comments on Lady’s 9 Reasons to Love London’s Covent Garden

  1. Great video – I love Covent Garden! Chez Antoinette and Homeslice pizza are two of my favorite places to eat, and I love the colors in Neal’s Yard and performers in the piazza.

  2. Cool soundtrack. Liked the video. Covent garden is always nice if you are in the mood for people. Lots of people. Thanks.

  3. I love Covent Garden! My friends that live in London always tell me that it is so touristy ugh! But I love it. It’s colourful, it’s full of great places to eat and shop… What’s not to love? Oh, and at Christmas… even better!

  4. Covent Garden has some really great shops! I found a “Keep Calm and Love London” teddy bear tshirt at the Build-A-Bear and now my teddy is keeping me calm until I return to London! (haha)
    I was really excited to find a whole store devoted to Moomins because my family used to read those books aloud together.
    I think my favorite shop though was Whittard because I found a delicious tea and I loved their mug and cute tea kettles!

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