When I travel by rail, there’s nothing more satisfying than leaving or arriving from a long train journey on a full stomach. Whether I grab a quick bite before my departure or enjoy a leisurely meal after my train pulls in, it feels great to boost my serotonin levels. I used to struggle to find good restaurants close to the tracks, but over the years I’ve discovered some great ones. If you’re like me and are wondering where to eat near London’s train stations, today I want share 9 lovely places with you.

Where to Eat Near London's Train Stations

Where to Eat near London’s Train Stations

I’ve put in 9 years of research for this blog post, seeking out the perfect restaurant or cafe whenever I go on a day trip or weekend getaway from London. Gems like the delightful Brunswick House by Vauxhall station have led me to find a list of winners, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

German Gymnasium, London

1. Victoria Station – Timmy Green

If you’ve been anywhere near Victoria station in the last few years, you’ll know that it’s been a full-blown construction zone. But it’s finally nearing an end, and the result is that a few new restaurants have already popped up in the Nova building across from the station. One of them is Timmy Green, which just opened its doors to reveal a spacious interior with pretty tables and lots of natural light. I had lunch there last week and loved the ambiance.

Timmy Green, London

2. Waterloo – Scooter Caffe

I wrote about Scooter Caffe in my blog post about where to eat near London’s top attractions, but it’s worth mentioning in this post, too. The quirky gem near Waterloo station is one of my favorite places for a warming hot chocolate or an al fresco summer Pimm’s. If I’m looking for something more substantial, I head to nearby Baltic in Southwark for light-yet-hearty cuisine.

Scooter Caffe, London

3. King’s Cross – German Gymnasium

Given how often I travel to Scotland, I’m at King’s Cross a lot. And when I need to eat before my train leaves, I head to German Gymnasium. Right outside the station, the restaurant is housed in a beautiful historic building and has a great outdoor area for when the weather’s warm.

German Gymnasium, London

4. St Pancras International – Fortnum & Mason

Next door to King’s Cross, St. Pancras is London’s most luxurious train station. That means there’s no shortage of places to eat and drink inside its walls. When I’m leaving on an early train, I always stop for breakfast at Fortnum & Mason, where their eggs Benedict and classic teas go down a treat.

Fortnum and Mason, London

5. Euston – Bao

Euston is close enough to King’s Cross and St Pancras that I usually eat around those stations if I leave from it. But if I’m in the mood to walk, I head down to Bao in Fitzrovia for their mouth-watering buns. They’re so good I’ve queued up outside in the dead of winter just to get a taste.

Bao, London

6. Liverpool Street – Shoryu

Out east by Liverpool Street, I like heading to Broadgate Circle for food. Just behind the station, it has losts of restaurants and a nice atmosphere away from the busy streets. I’ve had great food at Shoryu, where the ramen noodles are just the thing to fill me up before or after a long train ride.

Broadgate Circle, London

7. Paddington – The Frontline Club

My boyfriend and I took the sleeper train to Cornwall a year ago. Before departing from Paddington station, we had a lovely dinner at The Frontline Club. Not only were the food and atmosphere to our liking, but also the aim of the club, which calls itself a “gathering place for journalists, photographers and other likeminded people interested in international affairs and independent journalism.”

The Frontline Club, London

8. London Bridge – Jose

When I leave from London Bridge, I either head to Borough Market to pick up something from its mouth-watering stalls or beat a path to Bermondsey Street for tapas at Jose. I’ve long held chef Jose Pizarro in high esteem, not least because everything that comes out of his kitchen is delicious (I daydream about his Padron peppers).

Jose, Bermondsey

9. Charing Cross – National Gallery Cafe

There’s no shortage of restaurants around Charing Cross, but when I’m trying to decide where to eat I always think of the National Cafe at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. I love the European feel to the dining room and that I can pop into the museum afterwards to see a few things before I leave.

National Cafe at the National Gallery

There are plenty more good restaurants around London’s stations, but these are my favorites. I hope they give you some inspiration for your next trip into or out of the city, and that you leave feeling as full and happy as I do.

How about you? Do you have recommendations for where to eat near London’s train stations?

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Where to Eat Near London's Train Stations

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  1. Noticed that you are going to Lisbon – if you haven’t yet been I would recommend visiting Convento dos Capuchos – it is exceptional. In Colares, not too far from Lisbon

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