Today I want to share my guide to the best West Sussex walks with you. These country walks are great ways to get outdoors and see the landscapes and seaside Sussex is famous for. From West Sussex coastal walks to circular walks and castle walks, the trails not only make great day trips from London, but also fun ways to explore towns, villages, and waterfront areas in southern England.

West Sussex Walks

West Sussex Walks

I’ve done all the West Sussex walks on my list, and I can personally attest to how good they are.

From the stunning views of Arundel Castle to the beautiful coastline around Chichester, they offer a good overview of what this part of the UK has to offer.

Some of these walks are circular, others station-to-station, and still more point-to-point. A few follow famous long-distance walking trails in England like the South Downs Way, too.

They’re easy to combine with other country rambles for multi-day walking trips if you’re after bigger adventures.

As always, if you want to see routes beyond West Sussex walks, you can take a look at my country walks blog post and my country walks near London blog post for all the walks I’ve done in Britain.

Hiorne Tower, West Sussex, England

West Sussex Walks Books

There are a lot of great West Sussex walks books, too. One popular title is West Sussex Pub Walks. You can get it on Amazon here. Another is South Downs National Park & West Sussex Outstanding Circular Walks. You can get it on Amazon here.

There’s more in the book Time Out Country Walks: 52 Walks Near London as well. You can get it on Amazon here.

Cissbury Ring View in West Sussex, England

1. South Downs Way in West Sussex

The first of my West Sussex walks is the South Downs Way. The full route is 100 miles (160 kilometers) long, but it’s easy to do bits of it as day hikes. I’ve walked many segments of this long-distance footpath over the years, and I love the ones in Sussex.

From rolling hills to pastures full of cows, this walk is great for getting an overview of the British country landscapes this part of the south of England is known for.

The trail is well signposted and there are lots of West Sussex walk maps online that will show you sections of the South Downs Way you can do. If you want to see the one I did, you can take a look at my West Sussex blog post.

Cows on the South Downs Way in West Sussex

2. West Sussex Walk from Arundel to Amberley

Next on my list of West Sussex walks is a station-to-station walk. This one goes from Arundel to Amberley, passing medieval fortresses and historic towers on the way.

The 9-mile (14-kilometer) walk starts in Arundel, home of one of the most stunning castles near London. It ends in Amberley, which has a fortress of its own. In between, the scenery features rolling hills and pretty villages.

This West Sussex walk is ideal if you like historic sites, picturesque towns and villages, and bucolic landscapes. The route is fairly flat apart from one hill, so it’s a good trail if you don’t want too much variation in topography.

If you want to do this walk, you can get the details on my Arundel to Amberley walk post.

Arundel Castle on a West Sussex Walk

3. Southbourne to Chichester Walk

Third on my list of West Sussex walks is a station-to-station walk that goes from Southbourne to Chichester. The latter is one of the most famous cathedral cities in England.

This country walk in Sussex will take you along the waterfront channels around Chichester. It features beautiful seaside scenery and idyllic villages alike. At the end you can visit Chichester Cathedral if you want to.

This coastal walk near London is perfect if you’re a fan of history, storybook villages, and being by the water. There’s a classic country pub with a beer garden in the middle, so it’s an ideal one if you like West Sussex pub walks, too.

The 11.5-mile (18.5-kilometer) route is also completely flat, so it’s great if you don’t like hills. You can get the details on my Chichester walk post.

Country Walk Signpost on a Walk near Chichester

4. West Chiltington Walk in West Sussex

The next of my West Sussex walks is in West Chiltington. A 5.7-mile (9.2-kilometer) country ramble, it’s a great introduction to the vineyards and villages of Sussex.

This one isn’t near a train station, so it’s a good one to do if you have a car (the same goes for the next three walks).

From West Chiltington, the route will take you through fields full of cows and up gentle hills covered in grapevines.

You’ll walk by thatched-roof cottages and country houses, alongside ponds, and through enchanted woods adorned with local flora. It’s great if you like West Sussex woodland walks.

This ramble features a range of terrain, a handful of gentle hills, and lots of pretty scenery. It’s ideal if you want to soak up the beauty of the British countryside on a slightly shorter route than some of the others on this list. There’s a pub at the end, too.

You can get the map and details on my blog post about circular walks in West Sussex.

Street Sign on a West Sussex Circular Walk

5. Knepp Red Walk in West Sussex

The fifth of my West Sussex walks is the Knepp Red Walk. It takes place on the Knepp Castle Estate, a 3,500-acre (1,416-hectare) parcel of land just south of Horsham.

The 5.8-mile (9.3-kilometer) Red Walk will take you past piglets, cows, and deer to ponds, storks’ nests, and castle ruins. You’ll even spot a historic windmill along the way.

This circular walk in West Sussex features flat terrain and is an easy route to ramble. There are lots of unexpected details along the way, too, so it’s a fun one if you like the unexpected.

As with the previous walk, you can find the details and map on my West Sussex circular walks post.

Footbridge on a country walk in West Sussex

6. Knepp Blue Walk in West Sussex

The next of my West Sussex walks is the Knepp Blue Walk. As with the previous one, it takes place on the Knepp Castle Estate. In fact, the walks start and end in the same place and cover some of the same ground.

The Knepp Blue Walk differs from the Red Walk in that it’s slightly shorter and has a great country pub in the middle. It’s around 4 miles (6.4 kilometers), so it’s a nice one if you want a flat, easy walk and a good lunch or drink in the middle.

This walk is partially circular and partially out-and-back. As with the Knepp Red Walk, you can find the details and map on my circular walks in West Sussex post.

Picnic table in a country pub beer garden in West Sussex, England

7. Cissbury Ring Walk in West Sussex

The seventh of my West Sussex walks goes around Cissbury Ring. It’s one of the best short circular walks in West Sussex.

Cissbury Ring is the second largest hill fort in England, and it’s known for its Iron Age history and ancient Neolithic flint mine. It’s also one of the top spots to see butterflies in Sussex.

Situated on the South Downs, Cissbury Ring is an ideal location for a country ramble in England. The 2.1-mile (3.4-kilometer) circular walk around the hill is full of ancient history and stunning panoramas.

From the top of Cissbury Ring you can spot the chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters, the beaches in Brighton, and the English Channel.

This country walk in Britain is ideal if you enjoy a combination of ancient history, horses, hills, and views. It’s the shortest of all the walks on this list, so it’s good if you want a quick jaunt, too.

The route and map for the Cissbury Ring walk are on my circular walks in West Sussex post.

Cissbury Ring, West Sussex walk in Britain

West Sussex Walks

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to the best West Sussex walks. They’re great ones if you want to get into the English countryside near London and have a fun day out when you do.

I’ll add new ones to this post as I do more walks in West Sussex, so make sure to bookmark or pin this post on Pinterest if you want to stay updated. Happy hiking!

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West Sussex Walks

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