I will travel for food. For me there’s no better way to get to know a city than through its cuisine. Hot and spicy or rich and buttery, the dishes of a destination tell the story of a place through their aromas and textures. I was recently in The Hague on assignment with Lonely Planet, and while there I took a food tour of the city. It got me thinking about similar experiences I’ve had, and today I bring you 7 of the world’s best food tours.

World's Best Food Tours

1. The Hague, Netherlands

I’ll start with the most recent food tour, which took me through the historic center of The Hague. Over several hours, I tasted the city’s best dishes with one of the founders of Bites & Stories. We sampled traditional foods like meat krokets at Dungelmann, the city’s famous butcher shop, and more contemporary flavors like peanut butter yoghurt at Yoghurt Barn.

Throughout the tour we explored the city, learning about The Hague’s history and culture. By the end I was pleasantly full of both food and knowledge.

Peanut Butter Yogurt in The Hague

2. Cape Town, South Africa

The most unique food tour I’ve ever been on was a foraging excursion in Cape Town. I never thought I’d forage for lunch in an urban environment, but there was enough food within the city limits to provide me with a healthy meal.

Charlie Standing from The Urban Hunter Gatherer took me to collect everything from Natal Plums to pine nuts at the entrance to the Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town. He also led me to the side of a highway to forage for fennel, and to a park in Verdehoek to seek out Cape Gooseberries. At the end we took it all back to our hotel, where the chef made it into a meal. It was a deliciously memorable experience, and certainly deserves its place among the world’s best food tours.

Cape Gooseberries, Cape Town

3. Portland, Oregon

Another great urban food experience was a food cart tour of Portland with Brett Burmeister, owner of Food Carts Portland. He took me to America’s most concentrated food cart area, the Alder Pod, where I learned that the food is both international in scope—there’s everything from Hawaiian to Egyptian in one pod—and quality in taste.

Along the way, Brett explained the history of Portland’s thriving food cart scene, adding color to the eating experience.

Food Carts in Portland, Oregon

4. Hong Kong, China

Out in Asia, my favorite foodie city is Hong Kong. One of the most pleasurable eating experiences I’ve had there was during an outing with Hong Kong Foodie Tours. Their 4-hour walking tour of Central and Sheung Wan led me to mouth-watering barbecue pork, plump shrimp won tons, and homemade sugar cane juice.

Between stops, I explored a few trendy streets and local produce markets, all with a dose of my guide’s local knowledge.

Barbecue Pork, Hong Kong

5. Ghent, Belgium

Back in Europe, I went on a great Nibbling through Ghent food tour with Vizit. My guide took me to a cheese shop called Kaas Mekka, a 15th century butchers’ hall, and Julie’s House, a pretty bakery where I tasted everything from pear clafoutis to rhubarb crumble.

The food tour of Ghent gave me a good overview of the city’s cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, and showed me a lot of places I wouldn’t have found on my own.

Chocolate Shop in Ghent

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve never met a country so obsessed with food as Malaysia, and Kuala Lumpur‘s rich street food culture made it the perfect place for one of the world’s best food tours.

A local named Danny Chen wrote a book called Train2e@t about the best street food in Kuala Lumpur near each train station. I was lucky enough to have him as a personal tour guide on my visit, but even if I had only been able to use his book to get around, I still would have found the delicious Assam laksa at Madras Lane and sweet mata kucing at Petaling Street market in Chinatown.

Street Food Market in Kuala Lumpur

7. San Francisco, California

My home city of San Francisco has some of the best food in the world, so it’s hard to know where to start with food tours there. But the good people of Edible Excursions knew just the place: chocolate. Their Craft Chocolate Tour of the Mission took me for everything from Mexican mole at San Jalisco to chocolate cocktails at Mosto.

Along the way we met enterprising locals like the founder of Charles Chocolates, who gave us an inside look at the chocolate scene in San Francisco.

Charles Chocolates, San Francisco

Have you been on a good food tour? Where was it, and what did you eat?

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World's Best Food Tours

15 Comments on Lady’s 7 Food Tours that will Make You Want to Travel the World

  1. I just traveled the world looking at amazing food pictures! O gosh, so yummy! It´s such a good idea the one you had: thank you so much for sharing!


  2. I absolutely love going on food tours too Julie and the first one I did was just a couple of years ago in London but tried them in Slovenia, Korea, Budapest and Morocco after that but I’ve never heard of a foraging one before and I absolutely love the sound of that. I’m hoping to make it to South Africa in the next year or two so am definitely going to look that tour up if I go!

  3. We did a tour of the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona & loved it so much that we’re looking to visit another city primarily because the same company operates food tours there!

  4. I love Foodie tours – we’ve done a few over the past few trips to Europe and have just booked three – in Barcelons, San Sebastián and Madrid fir our trip to Spain next month

  5. We did an amazing food tour in Tuscany – the Tasty Tuscany tour with Tuscan Wine Tours. It included a real truffle hunt, lunch on a saffron farm, gelato at the “World’s best gelato” winner, a visit to a fresh pasta maker and more! Pricey, but oh so worth it! Will need to mark down the Hampstead pub tour for our September trip to London! Thanks, Julie, for sharing!

  6. I’ve only done one food tour – cupcakes in San Francisco – which was wonderful but definitely triggered sugar overload by the end. I’d love to try any of the ones you suggest, but the mix of foods on the Ghent tour sounds just about perfect.

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