All eyes are on Greece this week. The financial crisis has made headlines on a daily basis, and the country’s economic future is up in the air. But before the Grexit fears, Greece chalked up thousands of years of mythical history, cultivated amazing heritage, and developed stunning natural beauty. And while in the short term the country is facing difficult economic times, the country remains a great place to travel. Trust me. I was there last weekend.

The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino, Greece

My trip to Greece revolved around the Peloponnese peninsula. Out in Messinia, The Romanos, a Luxury Collection resort on Costa Navarino, invited me out to experience the beauty of life on the Ionian sea and the luxurious rooms and amenities of The Romanos Ionian Exclusive service.

The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino, Greece

After an—admittedly long—four-hour drive from Athens, I discovered that the area has everything from wide sandy beaches to historic castles and delicious food. Which is pretty much all I need for a perfect summer trip to Europe.

Neokastro Castle, Pylos, Greece

The Romanos resort was big enough to be its own self-contained village, complete with a range of restaurants, lots of boutiques, two golf courses, a huge swimming pool, and extensive grounds.

Costa Navarino, Greece

It was so big that I often relied on the golf cart service to pick me up and take me from my room to, say, the award-winning spa where I had an excellent “Melisseus, The Spirit of Honey” massage.

Greek Food

In the same way, my luxurious room was self-contained enough that I didn’t really need to leave. With room service for meals and my very own infinity pool, I could have never come out.

Room at The Romanos in Greece

But there was more to do and see than just the resort, and The Romanos made sure I experienced the local area while I was in Greece.

Navarino Bay, Greece

One day I visited the nearby town of Pylos, with its 16th century Ottoman Neokastro castle and pretty town square filled with wooden cafe tables.

Pylos, Greece

Another day I went on a boat trip around Navarino Bay. I enjoyed views of rock cliffs with medieval castles and mysterious keyholes, and learned about the famous Battle of Navarino, in which the allied British, French, and Russians defeated the Ottomans and Egyptians in 1827, helping win the Greek War of Independence.

Navarino Bay, Greece

On my final night in Costa Navarino, the resort organized a trip to a cooking class in a traditional house on a hill overlooking the sea.

Table in Greece

After attempting to make Greek hylopites noodles (as the world’s worst cook, I generously gave up my space at the counter to watch an amazing sunset), I enjoyed a feast of Greek cuisine and a lively post-dinner dancing lesson.

Woman Cooking in Greece

But despite all there was to do and see in Messinia, I admit that I still enjoyed spending as much time as I could on a sun lounger at the beach at The Romanos. Because after all, that’s what a summer trip is all about. And Greece has some amazing beaches.

Sunset in Costa Navarino, Greece

At the end of my stay, I headed back to Athens as the Greeks headed to the polls for their referendum. I’m back in London now; their economic fate is still uncertain. But no matter what happens with the Greek financial crisis, the good news is that the beauty and heritage that makes Greece such an amazing place to travel will always remain.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip 🙂 I also love Greece and hope to get back there soon – the food, beaches and people are all amazing!

  2. It’s reassuring to hear that Greece is still great travel destination, despite the recent crisis. I’ve never been but would love to visit — and, maybe, help boost the economy in a small way.

  3. What I’ve heard from friends is that it’s totally fine to travel to Greece. You only have to make sure that you’ve enough cash on you (and be extra careful, because of the extra cash you’re carrying). The sunset photo is beautiful 🙂

  4. Beautiful intro about Greece! As a dual American and Greek citizen, I’ve really appreciated some very positive media coverage on travel in Greece this week- including your piece here.

    The Romanos resort looks beautiful! It seems like a wonderful blend of luxury & serenity, with great local touches. I love the Peloponnese, it’s a beautiful area of Greece and my father was born near Olympia.

  5. Greece is wonderful and one fine day I make it over there. I sure hope tourists leave a lot of money over there and enjoy the country since it is so beautiful!

  6. I love Greece and I remember lusting over your Instagram photos of the Romanos, but it is actually the photo of the kebabs that I love the most about this post! 😛 There is so much too love about Greece!

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