After two weeks of running around London during the Olympics, I needed a break. I had traversed the city from east to west during the Games, and I was ready for some relaxation. Thankfully, I had the perfect remedy in store: a massage.

Massage in London

A couple of months ago I was invited by Treatwell—a spa, beauty, and wellness website—to try out one of the spa treatments they offer. The treatment was a massage in London at a place called Metta, which was conveniently located right in the heart of the city near Oxford Circus.

I booked the massage for the end of the Olympics period so that I could start my post-Games relaxation as quickly as I could.

Candles at a spa in London

Arriving at 10am on a Saturday morning, I found myself in a two-story space that housed a number of businesses, from spray tanning to spa treatments. It was a bit of an odd setup, but I kept an open mind.

Metta was located on the lower ground floor in a small space in the back. There was a reception area where I was given a warm welcome and a choice of water or tea while I sat in a comfortable chair to fill out a health questionnaire.

That finished, I was shown into one of the treatment rooms—a long, narrow space with low light, candles, and soft music for ambiance. Despite it being a bit noisy outside the building, the room was quiet and a feeling of peace prevailed.

Massage treatment room in London

After washing my feet, my therapist got to work on the tension that had gathered in my back, neck, and shoulders over the preceding two weeks.

For the next 40 minutes, I was in a zen state. The masseuse used a combination of techniques—from hot cloths to stretching and kneading—to ease the knots in my shoulders and give me an overall feeling of relaxation and calm.

By the end of the massage, I could feel the stress of crowded tube stations, frantic event schedules, and heavy handbags dissipating. The only thing I could have asked for was more time. I should have paid for an extra 40 minutes!

Spa in London

After my treatment I went back into the reception area. I was offered another glass of water or tea before I slowly eased my way back into the busy world of London.

It was nice to have a break from two hectic weeks during the Olympics, and I needed it all the more given that the Paralympics are right around the corner. I might just have to go back for round two in a few weeks’ time.

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