After traveling to the lovely town of Positano, my boyfriend and I continued our Amalfi Coast tour in Italy by taking a ferry from Positano to the town of Amalfi.  We had read that Amalfi was bigger and a bit gritter that Positano, but our first impression was a good one.

Peppers in Amalfi Italy

Our ferry pulled into the port in Amalfi alongside three or four others.  This already beat Positano’s tiny one-ferry-in, one-ferry-out port for size.  The town of Amalfi itself was a bit larger and more spread out than Positano as well, but didn’t feel significantly bigger.

Fountain in Amalfi Italy

As for beauty, Amalfi had its share of charm.  There was the moss-covered fountain that reminded me of Aix-en-Provence. Then came the tiled facade of the tower on the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Andrew. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Amalfi Coast cliffs, it was stunning.  Further east sat the crumbling fortress-turned-hotel Saracen Tower, the medieval protector of the neighboring former monastery.

Saracen Tower in Amalfi Italy

We spent a few hours strolling through the lanes in Amalfi, checking out the shops and boutiques as well as the cathedral, whose striped arches were reminiscent of those inside La Mesquita in Cordoba. At one point we came across a rather bizarre miniature model of the city, which upon closer inspection turned out to be some kind of giant nativity scene.

Cathedral in Amalfi Italy

After exploring a bit more, we headed to the port to catch our bus back to Sorrento, an event that went much more smoothly than the bus from Sorrento to Positano. This was mostly thanks to the combination of the Dramamine we picked up at a pharmacy in Amalfi and the front seat I managed to wrangle from the scrum crowding the bus.

Town model in Amalfi Italy

As we wound around the tight curves back to Sorrento I had a think about whether it was true that Positano was more beautiful than Amalfi.  While the former was full of charming houses and picturesque beaches, the latter’s church won prettiest place of worship and the grittiness we had heard about was seemingly on holiday.  I think I’ll just have to travel to Italy again for a closer inspection before finalizing my opinion on the prettiest town on the Amalfi Coast.

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