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Lady’s 7 Lovely Reasons to Explore Notting Hill

When I think of my favorite London neighborhoods, Notting Hill always comes to mind. The area offers the perfect mix of everything I love about London, from markets and mews to good food and great nights out. I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately to soak up its colorful houses and atmospheric streets, and today I want to share some of my favorite things to do in Notting Hill.

Things to Do in Notting Hill


Lady’s 11 Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods

One of the best things about London is that each neighborhood has its own personality. No matter what mood I’m in there’s an area to suit it. And not just in the city center, either. Some of the most exciting London neighborhoods are outside Zone 1. If you want to dig deeper into the city’s character, here are 11 under-the-radar London neighborhoods for you to explore.

Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods


Lady’s Reasons to Discover Ladbroke Grove

I’ve fallen in love with a little mews in Ladbroke Grove, London. The cobbled street has everything I love about the city, from pink and purple doors to perfectly rambling houses. I could stay here all day trying to get the quintessential photo, but there’s more to Ladbroke Grove than just this tiny slice of sweetness. Which is why I bring you A Lady in London’s reasons to discover Ladbroke Grove.

Ladbroke Grove, London


Lady’s Lovely Guide to King’s Cross

Sometimes I’m amazed at how long I’ve been living in London. What often feels like a few months has actually been eight years, and the city has changed a lot in that time. When I first arrived, there wasn’t much to do around King’s Cross, but the area has been revitalized beyond recognition. Now I find myself there all the time to meet friends or just explore. So here’s a little guide to what’s new, from the best King’s Cross restaurants, bars, and cafes to the area’s prettiest squares, secret courtyards, and colorful streets.

King's Cross Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes


Lady in Earls Court

London is constantly evolving. Every time I walk through the City, there are five new skyscrapers and countless cranes. But it’s not the only place that’s seen big building works recently. Many London neighborhoods have. Earls Court, London’s most extreme example, is at the beginning of a multi-decade urban redevelopment project that will change its character forever. So now’s a good time to explore.

Earls Court London


Lady’s List of Places to Love in Bloomsbury

One of the most difficult things about writing about central London neighborhoods is that they’re so big and full of curiosities that it’s hard to distill the highlights into to a digestible blog post. But today I’m attempting to tackle one of my favorite parts of central London, if for no other reason than that I adore it. The sheer number of Bloomsbury cafes, restaurants, museums, shops, squares, streets, and gardens is enormous, so today I bring you A Lady in London’s list of places to love in Bloomsbury.

Bloomsbury Cafes, Restaurants, Museums


Lady in Dulwich

Every time I think I’ve seen all of London, someone mentions a neighborhood I’ve never been to. Today it’s Dulwich, a place I vaguely know is south of the river and home to a famous museum. Excited to discover more of the city, I head off to Victoria station and hop on a train for a day out in Dulwich.

Day out in Dulwich


Lady in Shepherd Market

There’s something mysteriously alluring about Shepherd Market. Tucked away in a tiny pocket of Mayfair, it’s a little village hidden in the heart of central London. But even more intriguing is its ability to be home to some of London’s hottest restaurants, best shops, and coziest pubs while also seeming to hide some of the city’s most clandestine businesses down dark little alleys and secret squares.

Christmas Wreath in Shepherd Market


Lady in Primrose Hill

I keep forgetting how pretty Primrose Hill is. Walking across the bridge from the Chalk Farm tube station, I notice the colorful accents on the houses, a smattering of sweet boutiques, and streets full of independent restaurants, cafes, and pubs. This part of London is a little slice of village loveliness.

Door in Primrose Hill


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