Lady’s Lovely Guide to a Day Trip to Rochester

I haven’t left London in ages. Seven weeks to be exact. This is the longest I’ve spent in the city since I moved to the UK over a decade ago, and my inner travel blogger is getting itchy feet. Which is why I’m taking a day trip to Rochester in Kent. It’s close, easy to get to, and there are a lot of things to do in Rochester that I can’t wait to experience.

Things to Do in Rochester


Lady’s Day Trip to Margate

It’s not everywhere I’m greeted by a seagull when my train arrives. But given I’m in easy view of the beach, a gull seems fitting. And just like that, my day trip to Margate has begun.

Margate Day Trip


Lady’s Day Trip to Hever Castle

There’s something magical about a castle. Fairytale romances, gallant chivalry, and courtly intrigues pervade the thick stone walls. It’s particularly true of a castle that was home to a wife of Henry VIII, one of the most famous kings of England. I’ve been meaning to take a day trip to Hever Castle for years, and I’ve finally traveled to Kent to see Anne Boleyn’s childhood home in all its regal splendor.

Day Trip to Hever Castle


Lady’s 8 Most Romantic Places in the UK

Britain isn’t exactly synonymous with romance. I’ve dreamed of romantic getaways in Paris, but not so much in Manchester. That said, over the years I’ve discovered that the country has its share of romantic travel destinations if you know where to look. So today I’ve put together a list of the 8 most romantic places in the UK.

Most Romantic Places in the UK