Lady’s Day Trip to Brighton

Do you ever feel like time is going by too quickly? I could have sworn I’d traveled to Brighton in the past year, but my last trip to the East Sussex seaside was three years ago. When I realized that, I was so astounded I decided it was time to take a day trip to Brighton.

Day Trip to Brighton


Lady Visits Royal Brighton

London is in a sate of anticipation. In less than three months, the city will host celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which will commemorate her 60 years on the throne. But London isn’t the only place in the United Kingdom with royal connections, and the Queen herself is set to tour many parts of the country in this jubilee year. Following her example, VisitEngland invited me to Brighton over the weekend to explore the city’s royal past and indulge in a way that would make the royals proud.

Sculpture in Kemp Town in Brighton England


Lady Goes to Brighton

Brighton isn’t the most popular winter travel destination. Nobody sunbathes on the beach in England when temperatures are near freezing. But when VisitBrighton invited me on a press trip to the city in January, I accepted. I was curious to see how the experience would compare to my last trip to Brighton, which took place in much warmer weather.

Sunglasses mosaic outside of a shop in Brighton England


Lady in The Lanes

On Friday I went with a friend to Brighton for the day. Before leaving we knew little about Brighton save for the fact that from the time of George IV it has been a town dedicated to partying, eating, and a general sense of conviviality. It wasn’t hard to sell us on that idea.

Sunny but windy, Brighton was a nice escape from the rain and hail that plagued London throughout the day. Our first stop was the beach, which reminded us of how much we miss the ocean. We spent some time walking along the rocky shore and gorging ourselves on a healthy plate of fries before heading off to explore the carnivalesque Brighton Pier.

Beach chairs on Brighton Beach in England