Lady Lives to Tell It

A week before we left for Namibia I asked my boyfriend to remind me of our itinerary. He rattled off the locations of our safari camps, talked about driving from Etosha back to Windhoek, then casually mentioned the bush plane that would fly us to Sossusvlei

“Wait. Bush plane?” I asked.

“Yeah. I asked you about it months ago. You were fine with it.”

“Um, no. I’m petrified of heights. There’s no way I would have ever agreed to fly in a bush plane,” I told him. “Ever.”

“Oh, hmmm. I thought we talked about it.”

“Well it’s already booked so there’s nothing I can do about it now, but if I die it’s all your fault,” I said. He wasn’t too worried. I was.

Bush plane in Namibia


Lady in Etosha

I spent the last two weeks of December traveling to countries 49 and 50: Namibia and South Africa. Warm weather, safaris, sand dunes, and good wine; what better way to spend the last two weeks of the year?

Lions in Etosha National Park in Namibia


Lady in the Lounge

I spent a lot of time in London airports in 2008. From Stansted’s old, cramped Ryanair terminal to Heathrow’s debacle-turned-flagship Terminal 5, I saw the best and worst that BAA has to offer.

My favorite experience at the airports in London is the lounges. Most people don’t know that there are various tiers when it comes to lounges in London. But this is the UK, after all. They have class distinctions to reinforce.

British Airways Concorde Room in Heathrow Terminal 5


Lady and the Pie

This week I discovered that I am the worst pumpkin pie baker in the world.  Since moving to London I’ve discovered the joys of British Christmas foods like mince pies and mulled wine. But ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been craving some all-American pumpkin pie.

Last week I was complaining about the lack of pumpkin pie to an American friend of mine that is an amazing cook.  She kindly offered me her (very complicated) pumpkin pie recipe.  I stupidly thought that I could handle it.

Pumpkin pie in London


Lady and the Fête

When we moved into our new flat in June, my boyfriend and I wanted to throw a party.  Six months later, our flat was no longer quite so new and we still hadn’t managed to have our fête.

Then Christmas came along.  Everyone we knew was booked seemingly every night with a corporate holiday function, a dinner, or a trip home.  But for some reason we really wanted to have people over right before Christmas.

Christmas tree in London


Lady in the City of Lights (Part 2)

The only thing better than going to Paris for a couple days is going back to Paris for another couple days the next day. While this week’s first journey to Paris was a nostalgic trip, the second was most definitely a hedonistic one.

Sculpture at the Louvre in Paris


Lady in the City of Lights

November was the first full month I’ve spent in the UK since I moved here. I’d love to say that it was because I’ve finally been cured of the travel bug, but the truth is that I was getting my passport renewed.

Paris Opera Garnier


Lady Libre

London is known for being a cultural melting pot, but sometimes even this city outdoes itself. So when my friends and I heard that there was going to be Mexican Lucha Libre in Camden, we just had to get tickets.

Lucha Libre in London


Lady Does a Day in Dusseldorf

My boyfriend’s 77-year-old grandmother is quite the jet setter. With half her year spent in South Carolina and the other half spent near Dusseldorf, she thinks nothing of road tripping across America or traveling in Europe when she’s in Germany. Impressive.

Christmas market in Dusseldorf Germany


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