Lady’s Africa Travel Video

I’m back from Africa. As with any great trip, I have a bit of a post-travel hangover. But before I give in and settle back into life in London, I have one last memory to share: an Africa travel video. I managed to condense three weeks of travel into two quick minutes, and I hope you enjoy the result!


Lady at Victoria Falls

There is no water at Victoria Falls. At least that’s why my safari guide in Zambia tells me. I laugh at what I think is his joke, but he doesn’t crack a smile. “Really,” he insists, “there is no water. The rains failed last year, and they haven’t started this year, so the falls are dry.” I pause, skeptical. He is probably exaggerating, or at least saying this from the perspective of someone that has seen the falls many times. I don’t worry too much about it. Yet.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


Lady on Safari in Victoria Falls

I’m scared I won’t make it to Zimbabwe. The friend I’m traveling with has offered to drive us to Victoria Falls from Lusaka, and—thinking an African road trip will be a fun adventure—I agree to it. But I have forgotten one small thing: driving in Africa is a bit more of an adventure than I remember.

Zebra in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe