Lady’s 5 Weekend Breaks You Have to Take in Wales

It’s summer, and if you’re like me you’re itching for a weekend getaway or two. While I usually look to Europe for my shorter trips, I’ve learned over the years that the UK has as much to offer as the continent. And while most of my British weekend breaks are to Scotland, I’ve had some amazing getaways in Wales. If you’re in the mood for a Welsh adventure, here are A Lady in London’s 5 picks for weekend breaks in Wales.

Weekend Breaks in Wales


Lady at the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales

I always enjoy traveling, but when there’s food involved I love it. Food festivals are some of my favorite excuses to hop on a plane or train and immerse myself in local culinary culture. Which is why I’m excited to spend an autumn weekend in Wales at the annual Abergavenny Food Festival.

Abergavenny Food Festival Guide


Lady’s Guide to Hiking Pen y Fan, the Highest Peak in South Wales

The best things about my home town in California are the hiking trails within a minute’s walk of my front door. They’re the things I miss most now that I’m a city dweller. But thankfully I don’t have to travel far from London to find the same setup. In fact, I’m in Wales now hiking Pen y Fan—the highest peak in south Wales—right from my doorstep.

Hiking Pen Y Fan


Lady’s Best Places to See Snowdrops in Britain

My favorite thing about spring is flowers. Since moving to London I’ve tracked the blooming of the bulbs each winter, my inner Californian desperate for the warmth of spring. What I’ve learned is that the first flowers to appear are delicate white snowdrops. Longing for the days of tulips and daffodils, I’ve scoured the country this month for the best places to see snowdrops in Britain. After traveling the island, today I bring you photos from England, Scotland, and Wales.

Best Places to See Snowdrops in Britain


Lady’s Winter Weekend in Wales

A few months ago I published a post on the A Lady in London blog about the best time to visit London. In it, I was a bit unfair to poor February. I wrote that it wasn’t a great month to be in the UK, and talked about how this month’s weather always makes me want to move to the Caribbean. But maybe I was a bit harsh. And to prove to myself that February is a perfectly good month to travel in Britain, I’m spending a winter weekend in Wales.

Winter Weekend in Wales


Lady’s 8 Most Romantic Places in the UK

Britain isn’t exactly synonymous with romance. I’ve dreamed of romantic getaways in Paris, but not so much in Manchester. That said, over the years I’ve discovered that the country has its share of romantic travel destinations if you know where to look. So today I’ve put together a list of the 8 most romantic places in the UK.

Most Romantic Places in the UK


Lady Goes to the Rugby

I just applied for UK citizenship. Exciting as it is to almost be a (naturalized) Brit, I also feel like I should be a bit more…well…British. As such, I’m getting involved in the things people here enjoy. Like rugby. Here’s the story…

Rugby in Cardiff, Wales


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