United Arab Emirates

Lady’s Guide to 3 Days in Abu Dhabi

It’s sunset in the desert. The sun sinks below the sand, turning the dunes orange and red along their sinuous curves. I watch until the colors fade to purple and the sky lights up with stars, taking it all in from a carpet on the sand. It’s magical, and it’s only one of many such moments during my 3 days in Abu Dhabi.

3 Days in Abu Dhabi


Lady in Dubai

As sad as I was to leave Australia, my trip back to London was sweetened with a one-day layover in Dubai. Being a hub for Emirates, it was only natural to stop there on my way back to the UK. And despite the short stay, I managed to accomplish a lot.

Lamps in the Desert in Dubai


Lady’s Travel Plans

I have some exciting news: I will be traveling to California, Australia, and Dubai in the next two months!

Map of the World


Lady of Arabia

Easter weekend took me to the Arab world. Easter is a time to reflect on death and rebirth, the old and the new, and the chocolate carbs vs. the jelly bean carbs. My trip to Dubai was Easter personified. The emirate was a blend of old souqs and new mega-malls, the death of an oil-driven economy and the rebirth of the emirate as a playground for westerners and frenzied skyscraper construction. As for the carbs, the variety of gastronomic delights in Dubai had me ignoring nutrition all together.

Boat on Dubai Creek