The Netherlands

Lady’s Pretty Little Guide to Delft, Holland

It’s a beautiful morning in Delft. The sun is shining on the canals, the roses are in bloom, and the sugary scent of stroopwafels fills the streets. I duck down a cobbled alley rich with bicycles and emerge to find a view of quintessential Dutch houses. There’s even a windmill in the distance.

Delft, Holland


Lady in Utrecht

It’s a quiet morning in Utrecht. The narrow cobbled streets are shy with the absence of bicycles and people, and as I approach the tall Dom Tower in the heart of the city center, I can hear my breath in the silence. Rather than being eerie, it’s a treat. I revel in the fact that I have the city to myself on this early Saturday, and start my day in Utrecht by exploring hidden corners that I wouldn’t have noticed had I been distracted dodging people and bikes.

Pink House in Utrecht, Holland


Lady in Rotterdam

It’s raining in Rotterdam. Serious precipitation. None of the spitting drizzle we get in London; this is downpour-grade falling water. But I don’t mind, because even though I only have one day in Rotterdam, I’ve found the best part…and it’s indoors.

Markthal Rotterdam, Netherlands


Lady in The Hague

If you only had one day to explore a city, what would you do? Start with the big attractions? Get off the beaten path? Eat? Drink? Shop? This is the challenge I’m facing in the Netherlands, where I have three days to explore three cities and a million ideas for how to spend my time.

Cafe in The Hague, Netherlands