Lady Celebrates 150 Years of Swiss Winter Travel

There’s nothing like an anniversary to get me excited to travel. This year Switzerland is celebrating 150 years of winter tourism, and to commemorate the milestone and get excited for ski season in the Alps, I made a video from my trip to St Moritz in February. I hope it gets you as excited about your upcoming winter travels as I am about mine!


Lady in St Moritz

I grew up skiing a lot. Not in terms of the number of trips I took, but in terms of how many runs I packed in. My family was the type that hit the slopes the second they opened, stopped at noon to inhale lunch, and stayed on the mountain until ski patrol kicked us off. It was intense. A bit too intense. So now that I’ve traveled to Switzerland, I plan to discover winter activities in St Moritz beyond skiing.

St Moritz, Switzerland


Lady’s Swiss Alps Video

I can’t stop thinking about Switzerland. Since returning to London from the Swiss Alps on Sunday, I have been working on a video about my travels in Valais and Nendaz. I hope you enjoy watching it!


Lady in the Swiss Alps

They call Valais the California of Switzerland. I can see why. The trees bejeweled with fresh summer fruit, the rows of vineyards along the valleys, the excellent food, and the beautiful wildflowers all make me feel as if I’m traveling in my home state. But I’m not. I’m in the Swiss Alps. Nendaz, to be specific.

Nendaz in the Swiss Alps