Lady in the Balkans

Most people thought I was crazy to travel to the Balkans by myself. I was lectured on safety, on health, on everything imaginable. But I had been curious about the region for years, not least because the only thing I really knew about it related to the conflicts in the 1990’s. There was surely more to the Balkans than that, and I couldn’t wait to discover it.


Lady in Belgrade

Everyone loves Belgrade. Throughout my 15-day Balkans trip, I heard from fellow travelers, hoteliers, and others about what an amazing city it was. From the famous nightlife to the great grilled meats and the cafe culture, the capital of Serbia came highly recommended.

Building in Belgrade Serbia


Lady in Kosovo

Not many people travel to Kosovo. The capital, Pristina, isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when people think of visiting the Balkans. But then again, neither is Sarajevo or Skopje. And certainly not Tirana. Given that my Balkans trip had covered so many unlikely capital cities already, I didn’t hesitate to add Pristina to the list. And so I traveled to Kosovo, the 78th country on my 90 under 30 Travel Project list.

Man selling flutes at a market in Pristina Kosovo