Lady in Vila Nova de Gaia

I like wine. I won’t lie; it’s one of my favorite things to drink. When I travel to a country that produces it, I like to go to the source and taste the offerings. From Australia to South Africa, New Zealand to California, I have done the wine regions of many countries. But while my knowledge of wine has grown over the years, my knowledge of Port has not. As such, when I was invited to Portugal to spend four days learning about the Portuguese wine and Port industry, I gladly accepted.

Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal


Lady in Porto

When most people visit Portugal, they head south for the sunshine. The Algarve region is packed year-round with tourists from sun-starved latitudes, all of them seeking the ever-elusive vitamin D. But there’s more to Portugal than just the beaches, and more sun-blessed regions in the country than just the Algarve. One particularly sunny off-the-beaten path destination is Porto.

Houses in Porto Portugal


Lady in Lisbon

Just days ago Portugal was one of the few countries in Europe I had yet to visit. Yesterday I set out to change that. I sleepwalked over to Stansted airport at 4am for a 0.01GBP Ryanair flight to Porto. I arrived in the city at 9am, excited to start exploring.

Port house in Porto Portugal