Lady in Peru

Throughout my recent trip to Peru, I took a lot of video footage. Here is the final product, from the Peruvian Amazon to Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, from Machu Picchu to the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Enjoy!

Lady in Lima

Not many people like Lima. When I told my friends that I was traveling to Peru, they all advised me to skip the capital. From what they said, Lima sounded like a dangerous place with nothing to do and see. But I’ve heard the same thing about other cities, and I’ve never found it to be true. I had a feeling that Lima would impress me. And it did.

Boats in the harbor in Lima Peru


Lady on the Floating Islands

I wasn’t feeling well when I arrived in Puno. Food poisoning rendered me useless when I got off the plane in Juliaca, which was the nearest airport to the Peruvian city on Lake Titicaca. But I was in Puno for one reason, and not even illness could stop me from seeing what I traveled all the way there to see: the fabled floating islands.

Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca near Puno Peru