Lady’s 7 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Europe

I like a good European weekend escape, and when there’s romance involved I love it. Whether I’m lying on a beach in the Mediterranean or standing in awe of a castle on the Rhine, a lot of places in Europe inspire that feeling. If you need some inspiration, read on for A Lady in London’s 7 picks for romantic weekend getaways in Europe.

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Europe


Lady’s 8 Secret Courtyards in Paris

What do you do on your millionth visit to a city? There’s an endless supply of travel guides offering tips for first and second visits, but when you’ve worked and lived in a city, it can be difficult to find new things to discover on each successive trip. I love Paris, but when my Eurostar train pulls into Gare du Nord and I arrive at Hotel Le Bristol, I’m not sure if I’m going to find anything new this time. But then I discover 8 secret courtyards in Paris that make me fall even more in love with the City of Light.

Rooftops of Paris


Lady in Artistic Paris

Paris Fashion Week starts today. I was in the city over the weekend, and big preparations were underway. But fashion isn’t the only kind of art in Paris, and my trip to the City of Light focused as much on other kinds of art as it did on the upcoming catwalk shows. In fact, my time there was artistic all around.

Eiffel Tower in Paris