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Lady’s Essential Long Haul Packing List

People always ask me how I cope with traveling so far so often. Even though I love to travel, it can be stressful. But in visiting over 100 countries I’ve developed strategies for making long trips comfortable. If you’ll be covering a lot of ground and want an experienced traveler’s guide to what to bring, today I want to share my long haul packing list with you. These 6 things will help you travel easy, pack light, and arrive refreshed. And who wouldn’t want that?

Long Haul Packing List


Lady’s Spring Packing List for London

Spring has arrived in London! The daffodils are out in the parks and the days are getting longer and warmer every week. If you’ll be traveling to the UK capital in the next few months and want an insider’s guide to what to bring, here’s my spring packing list for London. These 5 things will help you pack light and arrive ready to live (and look) like a local.

Spring Packing List for London


Lady’s Quick Guide to How to Pack for London

So you’re coming to London. You have your passport ready, your flights booked, and your hotel sorted. You’re excited to touch down and start exploring the UK capital. But first you have to pack. And while that might be easy for some, it could be daunting for you. If it is, today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to how to pack for London. Wherever you’re traveling from and however long you’re staying, it can help.

How to Pack for London


Lady’s Essential Winter Packing List for London

Winter is here. London’s frosts are growing thicker every morning, and the sun is setting earlier each day. If you’re traveling to Britain this season and want a local’s advice for what to carry in your bag, here’s my essential winter packing list for London. These 6 items will help you pack efficiently and hit the ground looking like a local.

Winter Packing List for London