Outdoor Cinema

Lady at an Outdoor Winter Cinema

I love outdoor cinemas. The ones I’ve been to in London have been great, and the one I attended in the Peak District in August was one of the highlights of my trip. But they’ve all had one thing in common: they were in the summer. Of course they were. What sane person would go to an outdoor cinema in London in the winter? As it turns out, this one.

Outdoor Cinema at The Berkeley


Lady and the Summer Screen

Summer isn’t London’s strong suit. The city has winter down to an art, but the sun doesn’t seem to like the British capital very much. This summer there have been more rainy days than not, but we’ve had a bit of a warm spell over the past few weeks. It couldn’t have come at a better time, either, as I had a date with an outdoor cinema at Somerset House last week.

Outdoor cinema at Somerset House in London