Lady in Bergen

As my ferry from Stavanger pulled into Bergen harbor, the historic buildings of Bryggen wharf basked in the sunshine. The bustling fish market buzzed with afternoon commerce, and Scandinavia’s only funicular glided gracefully up the wooded hill to Floien. It was quite a welcome, and I was excited to do some Bergen sightseeing.

Historic Bryggen waterfront in Bergen Norway


Lady in Stavanger

Last month I was offered a trip to one of Bergen, Berlin, Cairo, Edinburgh, Marrakech, or Venice. Bergen was the only city that I hadn’t been to, but the flights didn’t work out with my schedule. Instead I went to Edinburgh. Then last Thursday I was asked if I was available to go to Bergen and Stavanger for three days to check out the two cities in Norway.

Colorful buildings in Stavanger Norway


Lady in Oslo

When I arrived in Oslo it was nine degrees Celsius outside. Waiting on the platform for the high-speed train to take me to the city center, I pulled the giant hood of my jacket over my head to keep warm. Wasn’t this supposed to be August?

Sculpture in Oslo in the summertime