New Zealand

Lady’s New Zealand Trip Video

Today I’m excited to share my New Zealand trip video featuring 9 days on the South Island and Wellington. I shot a lot of footage while I was traveling, and I’ve distilled it down to a 2-minute version of the highlights. I hope you enjoy it!


Lady’s 9-Day New Zealand Itinerary without Driving

The most important thing I’ve learned on my travels is the necessity of being flexible. That lesson has paid off today, as I’ve suddenly had to cancel my plans to travel from Brisbane to the Great Barrier Reef. My boyfriend has to fly back to London, and I’ve found myself with 9 days on my own before my flight home. I could go with him, but I can’t help wanting to stay in the Antipodes. I spend a few hours coming up with a plan, and the result is a 9-day New Zealand itinerary without driving.

9-Day New Zealand Itinerary without Driving


Lady around the World

A review of my round-the-world trip in numbers and pictures:

5: Number of countries visited on my trip

1: Number of unexpected layovers in countries I hadn’t planned to visit. Hong Kong was a lot of fun, though!

Hong Kong at night