New Forest

Lady Returns to Lime Wood

I don’t normally stay in the same place twice. Not only does my travel schedule rarely bring me back, but I also love to explore new places so much that I tend to choose uncharted territory over familiar. But sometimes a place leaves such a lasting impression on me that I make a special exception, and one particular place in the UK is a prime example: Lime Wood in England’s New Forest.

Autumn Leaves at Lime Wood


Lady at Lime Wood

I have a rule when I travel: never go to the same place twice. There are so many amazing destinations in the world that it’s a shame to always visit the same ones. I make exceptions for places like Paris and San Francisco, what with the former being my favorite city in the world and the latter being home. Apart from those, I stick to my rule. Well, almost. In January I went to the New Forest for lunch at The Pig and had such a great experience that when I was invited to its sister property, the Lime Wood hotel, I couldn’t pass up the chance to revisit Hampshire.

Fence at the Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest in England


Lady at The Pig

It’s winter in England. Time to curl up by the fire, take country walks in tweeds and wellies, and enjoy comfort food in cozy dining rooms. While these things can (sort of) be done in London, it is much easier to do them in the countryside. When I got invited to have lunch at The Pig restaurant in the New Forest this week, it seemed like the perfect place for winter pursuits.

Pond at The Pig restaurant and hotel in the New Forest England


Lady in the Forest

When I was a child my favorite musical was Into the Woods. The plot borrowed elements from a number of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, while the cast was plucked from stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. Stir it all together, add an enchanted forest, and you have yourself several hours of entertainment.

The New Forest in England