Lady in the Balkans

Most people thought I was crazy to travel to the Balkans by myself. I was lectured on safety, on health, on everything imaginable. But I had been curious about the region for years, not least because the only thing I really knew about it related to the conflicts in the 1990’s. There was surely more to the Balkans than that, and I couldn’t wait to discover it.


Lady in Budva

It rained in Budva. After almost a week of sweltering weather on my Balkans trip, I traveled to Budva, Montenegro on a 25-minute bus ride from Kotor, and found myself under stormy skies. I didn’t want the clouds to spoil my visit to the famous walled town on the Adriatic Sea, though. With a positive attitude, I hopped into a taxi and headed to the historic city center.

Rainy day on the waterfront in Budva Montenegro


Lady in Kotor

Kotor is the new Dubrovnik. Or so it seems. The coastal town is located deep in a fjord on Montenegro’s coast, and boasts of a stunning walled city that rivals that of its Croatian neighbor. With all the natural beauty and a fraction of the tourists, Kotor is a great alternative to its northern counterpart. Or—at just two-and-a-half hours away—a great addition to a Balkans trip itinerary.

Old walled city in Kotor Montenegro