Lady in Malaysia

Nine hours is a long time to spend on a train. By the time I arrive in Kuala Lumpur from Penang, I can’t wait to stretch my legs. I have less than 12 hours left in Malaysia before traveling to the Philippines, but I’m not ready to go yet.


Lady in Penang

Penang. A Shangri-La, a distant spice island in a mysterious legend. The Far East, full of traders and sailing ships, the meeting place of Easterners and the coveted jewel of Westerners. The final destination on my Malaysia travels.

Clan House in Penang


Lady in the Cameron Highlands

Driving up into the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, the roads become increasingly winding. As my ears pop for the millionth time, I look out the window at the lush surroundings dotted with giant greenhouses. Many of them are growing strawberries and other produce that can’t take the heat in the country’s lower altitudes.

Cameron Highlands in Malaysia


Lady in Ipoh

The sky is magenta. I scramble out of my seat, nearly toppling the woman next to me, and run to the opposite window to get a photo. And a video. It is one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, and it reminds me why I decided to travel by train in Malaysia.

Sunset in Ipoh


Lady in Malacca

Looking out over the Strait of Malacca, I feel I’m peering into history. Like most Westerners, the body of water is something I read about in books as a child but never expected to see in person. But it’s here. Right in front of me. And being in Malacca shows me that the strait’s fame as a historic trading passage still affects its namesake city today.

Lantern at a Temple in Malacca


Lady in Kuala Lumpur

“You’ve eaten lunch?” she asks. She’s not actually wondering whether I’ve consumed my afternoon meal. Rather, she is greeting me in the traditional Malaysian manner. And this simple salutation speaks volumes about the culture here. The food culture. The food obsession.

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur


Lady in Langkawi

After spending Christmas in Singapore, the next stop on my winter sun adventure was Malaysia. It wasn’t just any part of Malaysia, though. It was Langkawi. Located off the west coast of the country near the border with Thailand, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands. The largest, called Langkawi, is where I spent the past three days.

Beach at the Four Seasons hotel in Langkawi Malaysia


Lady at Malaysia Night

Autumn has finally arrived in London. After a bit of a sunshine teaser earlier this week, the weather has become significantly cooler. As such, I’m starting to get excited about my upcoming fall and winter travels. One of the most exciting trips I have in the pipeline is a two-week jaunt to Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam over New Year’s.

Fountain in Trafalgar Square during Malaysia Night in London