Lady at Andilana Beach

The last leg of my Madagascar journey was to the northwest corner of Nosy Be, an island off the coast. Andilana beach had come highly recommended by every book I had read about the island, and was even ranked in the top 10 of some lists of Madagascar must-dos.

Andilana Beach in Madagascar


Lady in Antananarivo

When my boyfriend and I moved to London, one of our first goals was to travel to places that were hard to get to from San Francisco. When we sat down this year to plan our holiday adventure, we threw around ideas as diverse as The Seychelles, Brazil, and Vietnam. Eventually we decided on Madagascar. I’m glad we did, too, because when I opened my guidebook to the section on “Getting There”, I discovered that the author specifically called out San Francisco as the single most difficult place from which to get to Madagascar. It even cited a city on the southern part of the island as being San Francisco’s antipode. Success!

Antananarivo airport in Madagascar


Lady in Madagascar

This morning I returned from an amazing trip to Madagascar. I had every intention of writing about the trip’s adventures tonight, but I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open (a 6am arrival time will do that). The stories will have to wait until tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’ll whet your appetite with some photos.

Arrival sign in Antananarivo
Arrival in Antananarivo